4. Allium Alleghaniense Small. Alleghany Onion

Fig. 1245

Allium alleghaniense Small, Bull. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 1: 279. 1899.

Bulbs ovoid. Leaves few, with narrowly linear blades 6-12' long; scapes 1°-2° tall, 2-edged at least at maturity; umbel nodding, 12-40-fiowered; pedicels 7"-13" long, filiform, becoming thicker in age; perianth purple, mostly urn-shaped, 2"-2i" high, the segments oval, the outer obtuse or notched, shorter than the inner; capsule 2"-2i" high, with 2 large processes on each valve.

Rocky soil and on cliffs, Virginia to Tennessee and Georgia. July-Aug.

4 Allium Alleghaniense Small Alleghany Onion 12454 Allium Alleghaniense Small Alleghany Onion 1246

5. Allium Stellatum Ker. Prairie Wild Onion

Fig. 1246

Allium stellatum Ker, Bot. Mag. pl. 1576. 1813.

Bulbs solitary or several together, narrowly ovoid, 1'-2' long, their coats membranous. Scape slender, 8'-18' tall, somewhat ridged above; leaves linear, 3/4"-1 1/4" wide, nearly flat; umbel several-many-flowered, erect, subtended by 2 lanceolate or ovate acuminate bracts; pedicels filiform, 6"-10" long; flowers rose-color; perianth-segments ovate-oblong, acute, 2"-3" long, equalling or rather shorter than the stamens; filaments filiform, slightly widened at the base; capsule shorter than the perianth, 3-lobed, about 6-seeded, each valve bearing 2 erect processes or crests below the apex.

On rocky banks, Illinois and Minnesota to Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. July-Aug.

6. Allium Carinatum L. Keeled Garlic

Fig. 1247

Allium carinatum L. Sp. PI. 297. 1753-

Similar to Allium vineale. Bulb ovoid, its coats membranous. Stem terete, leafy up to about the middle, 8'-2o' tall; leaves linear, channeled below, flat toward the apex, prominently 3-5-nerved; bracts of the umbel 2, narrowly linear, one much longer than the other; umbel erect, bearing either bulbs or capsules; pedicels filiform, 10"-20' long; flowers about 3" long, violet to rose; filaments not toothed.

Roadsides, New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. Adventive from Europe.

6 Allium Carinatum L Keeled Garlic 12476 Allium Carinatum L Keeled Garlic 1248

7. Allium Vineale L. Wild Garlic. Field Garlic. Crow Garlic

Fig. 1248

Allium vineale L. Sp. PI. 299. 1753.

Bulb ovoid, 1' high or less, its coats membranous. Stem 1°-3° tall, bearing 2-4 narrowly linear terete hollow somewhat channeled leaves below the middle at flowering time, the early basal leaves similar, numerous, 4'-10' long; bracts of the umbel 2, lanceolate, acuminate, deciduous; umbel few-many-flowered, erect, the flowers often wholly or in part replaced by small ovoid bulblets which are tipped with a long capillary appendage; pedicels 3"-12" long, filiform, the lower spreading or drooping; flowers green or purple, about 2" long; perianth-segments ovate-lanceolate, stamens included or slightly ex-serted; filaments flattened, broad, the 3 interior ones bearing a tooth on each side just below the anther; capsule 3-lobed, shorter than the perianth.

In fields and meadows, Rhode Island to Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. Naturalized from Europe. A troublesome weed in the Middle States, infesting pastures, and tainting the flavor of spring butter. June-July.