2. Sisyrinchium Albidum Raf. White Blue-Eyed Grass

Fig. 1344

S. albidum Raf. Atl. Journ. 17. 1832.

S. versicolor Bicknell, Bull. Torr. Club 26: 606. 1899.

Green and glaucescent, the spathes often purplish, 2° high or less. Leaves half the height of the stems or longer, 1/2"-2" wide, very acute, mostly smooth-edged; stems usually broadly winged, the edges serrulate to smooth; spathes sessile in a close terminal pair, the prominent outer bract l' - 3' long, its edges free to the base; inner bracts acuminate, often cilio-late on the keel, much shorter than the outer; flowers white to pale blue; 4"-6" long; capsules pale, de-pressed-subglobose, 1"-1 1/2" high, on erect-spreading pedicels usually shorter than the inner bracts; seeds globose, 1/2" or less in diameter, umbilicate, distinctly pitted.

Grassy places, Ontario to Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Arkansas and Mississippi. Also in Connecticut and in southern New York, apparently introduced. April-June.

Sisyrinchium flavifldrum Bicknell, is a little known, yellow flowered species from Missouri, perhaps S". cam-pestre with yellow flowers, as suggested by Mr. B. F. Bush, the collector.

2 Sisyrinchium Albidum Raf White Blue Eyed Grass 1344

3. Sisyrinchium Angustifolium Mill. Pointed Blue-Eyed Grass

Fig. 1345

S". angustifolium Mill. Gard. Diet. Ed. 8. 1768 S. montanum Greene, Pittonia 4: 33. 1899.

Stiff and erect, pale and glaucous, 4-20 high. Leaves half the height of the stem or longer, 1/2"-2" wide, acute, the edges minutely serrulate; stem simple or rarely branched, winged, the edges minutely serrulate; spathes green or slightly purplish, the outer bract rarely less than twice the length of the inner one, 2 1/2' long or less, obscurely hyaline-margined, united-clasping at base; inner bract attenuate; flowers deep violet-blue, 5"-6" long; capsules broadly oval to globose, 2"-3" high, dull brown to whitish, often purplish-tinged, on erect pedicels usually shorter than the inner bract.

Fields and hillsides, Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Virginia, Nebraska, Colorado and Utah. Blue-eyed Mary. Star-eyed grass. Grass-flower. Pigroot. Blue-grass. May-July.

Sisyrinchium septentrionale Bicknell, a diminutive species with large capsules, enters our northwestern limits in North Dakota.

3 Sisyrinchium Angustifolium Mill Pointed Blue Eye 13453 Sisyrinchium Angustifolium Mill Pointed Blue Eye 1346

4. Sisyrinchium Mucronatum Michx. Mich- Aux's Blue-Eyed Grass

Fig. 1346

S. mucronatum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 33. 1803.

S. intermedium Bicknell, Bull. Torr. Club 26: 498. 1899.

More caespitose than S. angustifolium and decidedly more slender and delicate, with smaller spathes and capsules, sometimes scarcely glaucescent and the spathes often bright red-purple. Stem and leaves from capil-laceous to i" wide, rarely wider, the stems narrowly winged or merely margined; bracts thin, glabrous, hyaline-margined, the outer one slenderly prolonged, united-clasping at base; inner bracts scarious, obtuse to attenuate, gradually emerging from the outer one, flowers deep violet-blue, rarely white, 3"'-7" long; capsules pale and thin-walled, subglobose to obovate-oblong, 1"-2" high, on slender subspreading exserted pedicels.

Fields and meadows, Massachusetts to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia. May-June.