1. Eriophorum Alpinum L. Alpine Cotton-Grass

Fig. 791

Eriophorum alpinum L. Sp. PI. 53- 1753-

E. hudsonianum Michx. Fl. Br. Am. 1: 34. 1803.

Scirpus hudsonianus Fernald, Rhodora 8: 161. 1906.

Perennial by short rootstocks, sending up numerous filiform triangular roughish culms, 6'-10' high. Leaves subulate, 3"-10" long, triangular, channeled, borne very near the base of the culm, the lower sheaths often scarious and bladeless; spikelet solitary, terminal, small, erect; involucral bract subulate, mostly shorter than the spikelet, sometimes wanting; young spikelet ovoid-oblong, subacute; scales oblong-lanceolate, yellowish-brown, firm, obtuse or subacute, the midvein slender; bristles 6, white, crisped, 4-7 times as long as the scale; achene narrowly obovoid-oblong, brown, apiculate, dull.

In bogs and on high mountains, Newfoundland to Hudson Bay and British Columbia, south to Connecticut, northern New York and Michigan. Also in Europe and Asia. Summer.

1 Eriophorum Alpinum L Alpine Cotton Grass 7911 Eriophorum Alpinum L Alpine Cotton Grass 792

2. Eriophorum Schetichzeri Hoppe. Scheuch-Zer's Cotton-Grass

Fig. 792

E. Scheuchzeri Hoppe, Taschenb. 1800: 104. 1800. E. capitatum Host, Gram. Aust. 1: 30. pl. 38. 1801.

Stoloniferous; sheaths all blade-bearing or only the upper one bladeless; culms slender, smooth, nearly terete, io'-i6' tall. Leaves filiform, channeled, usually much shorter than the culm; spikelet solitary, terminal, erect; involucre none; scales ovate-lanceolate or the inner ones linear-lanceolate, long-acuminate, purple-brown, membranous, with narrow, pale margins; bristles white, weak, nearly straight, 4-5 times as long as the scales; achene obovoid-oblong, acute, brown, dull, nearly i" long, subulate-beaked.

In bogs, Newfoundland and Labrador to Alberta, Alaska and British Columbia. Also in Europe and Asia. Summer.

3. Eriophorum Chamissdnis C. A. Meyer. Russet Cotton-Grass

Fig. 793

E. Chamissonis C. A. Meyer; Ledeb. Fl. Alt. 1: 79. 1829. E. Chamissonis albidum Fernald, Rhodora 7: 84. 1905. Eriophorum russeolum Fries, Novit. Mant. 3: 67. 1842.

Stoloniferous; culms solitary or little tufted, terete or somewhat triangular, erect, smooth, 4-2 1/20 tall, mostly longer than the leaves. Upper sheath inflated, bladeless, mucronate, rarely with a short subulate blade, usually borne below the middle of the culm; leaves filiform, triangular-channeled, mucronate, 1-4' long, or those of sterile shoots much longer; spikelet solitary, erect: involucre none; scales ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, thin, purplish-brown with broad white margins; bristles bright reddish-brown or white. 3-5 times as long as the scale; achene oblong, narrowed at each end, apiculate.

In bogs, Newfoundland to Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, Montana. Washington and British Columbia. Also in Europe and Asia. June-Aug.

3 Eriophorum Chamissdnis C A Meyer Russet Cotton G 793