2. Lilium Umbellatum Pursh. Western Red Lily

Fig. 1256

L. andinum Nutt. Fras. Cat. Without description. 1813. Lilium umbellaium Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 299. 1814. L. lanceolatum Fitzpatrick, Iowa Nat. 2: 30. 1907.

Bulb similar to that of the preceding species, the stem usually more slender, 1°-2° tall. Leaves linear, blunt or the upper acute, ascending, or sometimes appressed, 1-3' long, 1"-2i" wide, all alternate or the uppermost verticillate, their margins finely roughened; flowers 1-3, erect, 2'-3' high; perianth segments red, orange or yellow, narrowed into the claw, acute, spotted below, the claw shorter than the blade; capsule oblong, 3'-4' long, about 8" thick; seeds like those of L. Philadelphicum, of which species it may be a narrow-leaved race.

In dry soil, Ontario to Ohio. Minnesota, British Columbia, Missouri, Arkansas and Colorado. Ascends to 4000 ft. in the Black Hills. June-July.

2 Lilium Umbellatum Pursh Western Red Lily 1256

3. Lilium Catesbaei Walt. Southern Red Lily

Fig. 1257

Lilium Catesbaei Walt. Fl. Car. 123. 1788.

Bulb -1' high, composed of narrow leaf-bearing scales, their leaves narrowly linear, 2'-4' long, often falling away before the plant flowers. Stem slender, 1°-2° high; stem leaves all alternate, narrowly linear or linear-lanceolate, acute or acuminate, erect or ap-pressed, I-3' long, 1"-3" wide; flower (always?) solitary, erect; perianth-segments scarlet with a yellow purple-spotted base and a slender claw, spreading or somewhat recurved, 3-5' long, 1/2-1' wide, long-acuminate, wavy-margined; capsule 1' high or less; seeds 2"-3" long.

In moist pine barrens. North Carolina to Florida and Alabama. Reported from Kentucky, southern Illinois and Missouri. July-Aug.

3 Lilium Catesbaei Walt Southern Red Lily 12573 Lilium Catesbaei Walt Southern Red Lily 1258

4. Lilium Canadense L. Wild Yellow Lily. Canada Or Nodding Lily

Fig. 1258

Lilium canadense L. Sp. PI. 303. 1753.

Bulbs subglobose, 1'-2' in diameter, borne on a stout rootstock, composed of numerous thick white scales. Stem 2°-5° tall, slender or stout; leaves lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, verticil-late in 4's-10's or some of them alternate, acuminate, 2'-6' long, 3"-15" wide, finely roughened on the margins and on the veins beneath; flowers 1-16, nodding on long peduncles; peduncles sometimes bearing a small leaf-like bract; perianth-segments 2'-3' long, yellow or red, usually thickly spotted below, recurved or spreading, not clawed; capsule oblong, erect, 1 1/2'-2' long.

In swamps, meadows and fields, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Minnesota, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Nebraska. Ascends to 6000 ft. in North Carolina. Red-flowered races with slightly spreading perianth-segments resemble the following species, and races with strongly recurved segments, L, superbum. Field- or meadow-lily. June-July.