5. Lilium Grayi S. Wats. Asa Gray's Lily

Fig. 1259

Lilium Grayi S. Wats. Proc. Am. Acad. 14: 256. 1879.

Rootstock bearing small subglobose bulbs with thick ovate scales. Stem slender, 2°-3° high; leaves oblong-lanceolate, acute or acuminate at the apex, narrowed at the base, 2'-4' long, 1/2'-1' wide, verticillate in 3's-8's or the lowest commonly smaller and scattered, all finely roughened on the veins beneath; flowers 1-3, long-peduncled, spreading or slightly drooping, 2'~3' long, red or tinged with yellow at the base; perianth-segments oblong-spatulate, not clawed, acute, spotted; capsule fig-shaped, about 1 1/2' high.

Peaks of Otter, Virginia, and on the higher mountain summits in North Carolina. July-Aug.

5 Lilium Grayi S Wats Asa Gray s Lily 12595 Lilium Grayi S Wats Asa Gray s Lily 1260

6. Lilium Superbum L. Turk's-Cap Lily

Fig. 1260

Lilium superbum L. Sp. PI. Ed. 2, 434. 1762.

Bulbs globose, 1-2' in diameter, borne on short rootstocks, their scales white, thick, ovate. Stem stout or slender, 3°-8° high; leaves lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, smooth on both sides, acuminate at both ends, 2'-6' long, 1/4- 1 1/2' wide, verticillate in 3's-8's or the upper alternate, the veinlets not prominently anastomosing; flowers orange, orange-yellow or rarely red, 3-40, or rarely solitary, nodding, long-peduncled, forming, when numerous, a large panicle; perianth-segments 2Y-4' long, lanceolate, acuminate, purple-spotted, at length usually strongly recurving from below the middle; capsule obovoid, 1 1/2'-2' high.

In meadows and marshes, New Brunswick to Ontario, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri. Ascends to 5000 ft. in Virginia. Turk's-head-, nodding- or wild tiger-lily. July-Aug.

7. Lilium Carolinianum Michx. Carolina Lily

Fig. 1261

Lilium carolineanum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 197- 1803. Lilium superbum var. carolineanum Chapm. Fl. S. States, 484. 1860.

Bulbs borne on short rootstocks, globose, 1'-2' in diameter, composed of numerous fleshy scales. Stem 2°-3° high, slender; leaves oblanceolate or obovate, smooth, verticillate or the upper and lower alternate, acute, obtuse or short-acuminate at the apex, narrowed at the base, the veinlets prominently anastomosing; flowers 1-3, orange-red, 3'-4' long, long-peduncled, nodding; perianth-segments lanceolate, acuminate, purple-spotted below, strongly arched backward with their tips sometimes connivent.

In dry woods, Virginia to Florida and Louisiana. Ascends to 3500 ft. in Virginia. Aug.

7 Lilium Carolinianum Michx Carolina Lily 12617 Lilium Carolinianum Michx Carolina Lily 1262

8. Lilium Tigrinum Andr. Tiger Lily

Fig. 1262

Lilium tigrinum Andr. Bot. Rep. 9: errata. 1809.

Bulb solitary, globose, about 1 1/2' in diameter, composed of numerous oblong-lanceolate, ap-pressed scales. Stem stout, purple or nearly black, white-pubescent above, 2°-5° tall, leafy nearly to the base; leaves lanceolate, all alternate, glabrous or slightly pubescent, 4'-6' long, 5"-10" wide, the upper bearing blackish bulb-lets, of 3 or 4 scales, in their axils, which sometimes emit roots while attached to the plant; flowers 5-25, orange-red, nodding, 3'-4 1/2' long; perianth-segments lanceolate, papillose, recurved, purple-spotted.

Escaped from gardens, Maine, Massachusetts and eastern Pennsylvania. Native of China and Japan. Summer.