Bulbous herbs with erect leaf-bearing stems and large solitary (rarely 2) erect flowers. Perianth campanulate, the segments distinct, erect or erect-spreading, deciduous, usually with a spot at the base, but without a nectar-gland; stamens 6, hypogynous, shorter than the perianth; anthers erect, basifixed; ovary nearly or quite sessile, 3-celled; ovules numerous; capsule oblong or globose; seeds numerous, flat. [Ancient name.]

Fifty species or more, natives of Europe and Asia. Type species: Tulipa sylvestris L.

8 Tulipa Tourn L Sp Pi 305 1753 1264

1. Tulipa Sylvestris L. Wild Tulip

Fig. 1264

Tulipa sylvestris L. Sp. PI. 305. 1753.

Bulb ovoid, 1' long or less, covered with dark brown scales. Stem about 2° high, bearing 1-3 linear-lanceolate grayish-green acuminate leaves; flower yellow, 3'~4' broad; inner perianth-segments somewhat broader than the outer, acute; filaments pubescent at the base; capsule narrowly oblong, 3-angled; seeds obovoid, brown.

Meadows, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Ad-ventive from Europe. April-June.