19. Bromus Unioloides (Willd.) H.B.K. Johnson Grass. Schrader's Brome- Grass. Southern Chess

Fig. 680

Festuca unioloides Willd. Hort. Berol. 1: 3. pl. 3.

1806. B. unioloides H.B.K. Nov. Gen. 1: 151. 1815. Bromus Schraderi Kunth, Enum. 1: 416. 1833.

Culms 6'-3° tall, erect, simple, smooth and glabrous. Sheaths usually shorter than the internodes, the lower often overlapping, smooth or rough, and glabrous or frequently pubescent; ligule 1"-2" long; blades 3-13' long, 1"-4" wide, usually rough, at least above; panicle 2'-10' in length, the branches erect or ascending, or the lower branches of the larger panicles widely spreading; spikelets much compressed, 6-10-flow-ered; empty scales acute, the first 3-5-nerved, the second longer, 5-9-nerved; flowering scales 6"-8" long, very acute, minutely scabrous, bearing an awn less than 1" long or awnless.

Missouri to the Indian Territory, Texas, Georgia. Florida and Mexico. Widely distributed in tropical America. Rescue- or Wild Brome-grass. May-July.