Most of the drawings for the first edition were executed by Mr. F. Emil; he made all the figures of the Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, and nearly all of the Monocotyledones, with the exception of those of Gramineae, Melanthaceae, Liliaceae and Convallariaceae; also nearly all of the apetalous Choripetalae, and a considerable portion of the Sympetalae. Miss Millie Timmerman (now Mrs. Heinrich Ries) drew the bulk of the polypetalous Choripetalae, the enlarged parts being mostly inserted by Dr. Arthur Hollick; she also did some work on several of the sympetalous families. Mr. Joseph Bridgham drew the Melanthaceae, Liliaceae and Convallariaceae; also the Ericaceae, Primulaceae and several related families. Mr. Theodore Holm drew most of the Gramineae. Dr. Hollick has made some drawings and numerous enlargements of special parts throughout the work. Miss Mary Knight and Mr. Rudolph Weber have also contributed drawings.

The additional drawings needed for the second edition, and some corrections of the old ones, have been made by Mr. A. Mariolle, Miss Mary E. Eaton and Miss Rachel Robinson.

New York,

April 15, 1913.