Bloodwort Family. Perennial herbs with erect stems, narrowly linear leaves, and regular or somewhat irregular small perfect flowers in terminal cymose panicles. Perianth 6-parted or 6-lobed, adnate to the ovary, persistent. Stamens 3, opposite the 3 inner perianth-segments. Ovary wholly or partly interior, 3-celled or rarely 1-celled; ovules usually few in each cavity, half-anatropous; style mostly slender; stigma small, entire or 3-grooved. Fruit a loculicidally 3-valved capsule. Seeds few or rarely numerous; embryo small in fleshy endosperm.

About 9 genera and 35 species, mostly natives of South Africa and Australia, a few in tropical America; only the following genus in the north temperate zone.