3. Ophrys Auriculata (Wiegand) House. Au-Ricled Twayblade

Fig. 1399

Listera auriculata Wiegand, Bull. Torr. Club 26: 166. 1899. O. auriculata House, Bull. Torr. Club 32: 379. 1905.

Stem slender, 4'-7' high, glabrous below, glandular above the leaves. Leaves large, 1 1/2'-2' long, oval or elliptic-ovate, borne above the middle of the stem; raceme many-flowered; rachis pubescent; pedicels and ovaries glabrous; sepals lance-ovate; petals oblong-linear, longer than the ovary, spreading, obtuse; lip slightly ciliate, oblong, broadest at the auricled base, cleft 1/4-1/8 its length; column rather stout, a little over 1" long.

Cedar swamps and wet banks, Quebec, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. July.

4. Ophrys Cordata L. Heart-Leaved Twayblade. Double-Leaf

Fig. 1400

Ophrys cordata L. Sp. PI. 946. 1753.

Listera cordata R. Br. in Ait. Hort. Kew. Ed. 2, 5: 201. 1813.

Stem very slender, glabrous or nearly so, 3'-10' high. Leaves sessile, cordate, ovate, mucronate, 1/2'-l' long; racemes rather loose, 1/2'-2' long, 4-20-flowered; flowers purplish, minute; pedicels bracted, about 1" long; sepals and petals oblong-linear, scarcely 1" long; lip narrow, often with a subulate tooth on each side at the base, twice as long as the petals, 2-cleft, the segments setaceous and ciliolate; column very small, the clinandrium just appearing above the anther; capsule ovoid, 2" long.

In moist woods, Labrador to Alaska, New Jersey, Michigan, Colorado and Oregon. Also in Europe and Asia. Twi-foil. June-Aug.

4 Ophrys Cordata L Heart Leaved Twayblade Double L 14004 Ophrys Cordata L Heart Leaved Twayblade Double L 1401

5. Ophrys Australis (Lindl.) House. Southern Twayblade

Fig. 1401

Listera australis Lindl. Gen. & Sp. Orch. 456. 1840.

O. australis House, Bull. Torr. Club 32: 379. 1905-

Stem slender, 4'-10' high, more or less pubescent above. Leaves ovate, acutish, mucronate, glabrous, shining, 8"-10" long, 3-7-nerved; raceme 2-3' long, loosely 8-15-flowered; flowers yellowish green with purplish stripes; sepals and petals minute; lip 1/4'-1/2' long, 2-parted, split nearly to the base, 4-8 times as long as the petals, its segments linear-setaceous; column very small; capsule ovoid.

In bogs, Ontario, New York and New Jersey to Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. A third leaf is rarely borne below the flowers.