3. Oryzopsis Asperifolia Michx. White-Grained Mountain-Rice

Fig. 416

Oryzopsis asperifolia Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 51. 1803. Urachne asperifolia Trin. Unifl. 1: 174. 1824.

Culms glabrous, 10'-20' tall, erect, simple, smooth or scabrous. Sheaths 1'-2' long, crowded at base; ligule very short, truncate; blades erect, scabrous, especially above, the basal ones elongated, often equalling or exceeding the culm, 2"-4" wide, attenuate into a long point, the 1 or 2 culm-blades much reduced, less than long; panicle 2'-3' long, contracted, the branches 1' in length or less, erect; spikelet, exclusive of awns, 3"-4" long; outer scales glabrous, usually apiculate, the first somewhat shorter; third scale whitish, equalling the second or a little shorter, sparingly pubescent, the awn 3 1/2"-5" long. .

In woods, Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico. May-June.

4. Oryzopsis Racemosa (J. E. Smith) Ricker. Black-Fruited Mountain-Rice

Fig. 417

Milium racemosum J. E. Smith, in Rees, Cyclop. 23: no. 15.

1813. Oryzopsis melanocarpa Muhl. Gram. 79. 1817. Urachne racemosa Trin. Unifl. 1: 174. 1824. Oryzopsis racemosa Ricker; Hitchc. Rhodora 8: 210. 1906.

Glabrous, culms 1 1/2°-3° tall, erect, simple, roughish. Sheaths smooth or scabrous, the lower ones usually longer, the upper slightly shorter than the internodes; ligule very short; blades 5'-12' long, 2"-7" wide, narrowed toward the base, acuminate at apex into a long slender point, scabrous especially above; panicle branched or nearly simple, 3'-12' long, its branches 2'-4' long, spreading or ascending, the lower half naked; outer scales of the spikelet about equal, 3"-4" in length, acute; third scale shorter, acute, dark colored, sparingly pubescent, the awn 8"-12" long.

Rocky woods, Maine to Ontario, south to Maryland and Kentucky. July-Aug.

4 Oryzopsis Racemosa J E Smith Ricker Black Fruite 417