18. Sporobolus Torreyanus (Schultes) Nash. Flat-Stemmed Dropseed

Fig. 481

Agrostis compressa Torr. Cat. PI. N. Y. 91. 1819. Not

Willd. 1790. A. Torreyana Schult. Mant. 2: 203. 1824. Sporobolus compressus Kunth, Enum. 1: 217. 1830. Sporobolus Torreyanus Nash, in Britt. Man. 107. 1901.

Culms 1°-2° tall, from a horizontal rootstock, stout, simple, much compressed, smooth and glabrous. Sheaths compressed, overlapping, sometimes scabrous at the summit; ligule very short; blades 5'-10' long, 1" wide or less, folded, slightly rough; panicle 4-10' in length, the branches erect or ascending, the lower 2'-3' long; spike-lets about 7/8" long; outer scales subequal, obtuse or somewhat acute, smooth and glabrous; third scale obtuse and apiculate, strongly scabrous, slightly exceeding the outer ones.

In bogs, Long Island and in the pine barrens of New Jersey. Sept.-Oct.

18 Sporobolus Torreyanus Schultes Nash Flat Stemme 481

19. Sporobolus Asperifolius (Nees & Meyen) Thurber. Rough-Leaved Dropseed

Fig. 482

Vilfa asperifolia Nees & Meyen; Trin. Mem. Acad. St.

Petersb. (VI.) 6: 95. 1840. S. asperifolius Thurber; S. Wats. Bot. Cal. 2: 269. 1880.

Culms 6'-18' tall, erect from a decumbent and branched base, smooth and glabrous. Sheaths short', crowded and overlapping, the upper usually enclosing the base of the panicle; ligule 1/4" long, erose-truncate; blades numerous, i'-3 1/2' long, 1"-1 1/2" wide at the base, acuminate, strict, often erect, flat, glabrous, smooth beneath, very rough above; panicle 3'-8' in length, included at the base, rarely entirely exserted, the capillary branches spreading or ascending, the lower 2'-4' long; spikelets occasionally 2-3-flowered, 3/4" long; outer scales subequal, acute, glabrous, sparingly scabrous; third scale obtuse or acute, glabrous, somewhat exceeding the second.

Dry soil, Saskatchewan to British Columbia, south to Missouri and Mexico. Aug.-Sept.

19 Sporobolus Asperifolius Nees Meyen Thurber Roug 482