Stems slender, coated with gelatinous matter, branching. Leaves petioled, peltate, the floating ones small, entire; submerged ones opposite, palmately dissected into numerous capillary segments. Flowers small, white or yellow. Sepals and petals 3. Stamens 3-6; filaments slender; anthers ex-trorse. Carpels 2-4. Stigmas small, terminal; ovules commonly 3, pendulous. Fruit coriaceous, indehiscent, about 3-seeded. [Guiana name.]

A genus of 4 species, natives of the warmer parts of America. Type species: Cabomba aquatica Aubl.

1 Cabomba Aubl Pl Guian I 321 1775 177

1. Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray. Cabomba. Carolina Water-shield. Fie. 1835.

Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray, Ann. Lyc. N. Y. 4: 47. 1837.

Stem several feet long, branching. Submerged leaves opposite or sometimes verticillate, petioled, 1'-2' broad, centrally peltate, repeatedly divided; floating ones alternate or opposite, linear-oblong, 6"-10" long; flowers long-peduncled from the upper axils, 6"S" wide, white, or yellow at base within; petals obovate; ripened carpels 3, separate, flask-shaped.

In ponds and slow streams, Missouri and Illinois to North Carolina, south to Florida and Texas. May-Aug.