4. Draba Fladnizénsis Wulf. White Arctic Whitlow-Grass

Fig. 2000

Draba fladnizensis Wulf. in Jacq, Misc. 1: 147. 1778.

Draba androsacea Wahl. Fl. Lapp. 174. 1812.

Draba cormybosa R. Br. in Ross, Voy. App. 143. 1819.

A low tufted arctic or alpine perennial. Leaves oblanceo-late basal, rosulate, acutish, entire, stellate-pubescent or with some simple hairs, ciliate or rarely nearly glabrous, 4"-8" long; flowers whitish; scapes glabrous; pedicels ascending, 1"-2" long in fruit; raceme at length somewhat elongated; pods oblong, glabrous, 2"-3" long, nearly 1" wide. style almost wanting.

Labrador; Mt. Albert, Gaspé, Quebec; and through arctic America, south in the higher Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Also in arctic and alpine Europe and Asia. Summer.

4 Draba Fladniz Nsis Wulf White Arctic Whitlow Gra 3424 Draba Fladniz Nsis Wulf White Arctic Whitlow Gra 343

5. Draba Nivālis Lilj. Yellow Arctic Whitlow-Grass

Fig. 2001

Draba nivalis Lilj. Vet. Akad. Handl. 1793: 208. 1793.

Perennial by a short branched caudex; scapes tufted, somewhat pubescent, slender, leafless or sometimes bearing a small sessile leaf, 1'-4' high. Basal leaves usually numerous, tufted, oblanceolate or spatulate, 2"-7" long, entire, acutish or acute at the apex, narrowed into a short petiole, stellate-canescent, not ciliate, or slightly so near the base; flowers yellow, about 2" broad; calyx pubescent; style short; pods oblong or linear-oblong, narrowed at both ends, glabrous or but little pubescent, on ascending pedicels 1"-3" long.

Labrador and Greenland, through arctic America to Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado, and in the Sierra Nevada to Nevada. Also in northern Europe and Asia. Summer.

6. Draba Incāna L. Hoary Or Twisted Whitlow-Grass

Fig. 2002

Draba incana L. Sp. Pl. 643. 1753. Draba confusa Ehrh. Beitr. 7: 155. 1792.

Perennial or biennial; flowering stems erect, simple or somewhat branched, leafy, loosely pilose-pubescent, 16' high or less. Leaves 4"-12" long, acutish or obtuse, dentate or nearly entire, the basal ones oblanceolate, those of the flowering stems lanceolate to ovate; flowers white, 1"-1 1/2" broad; petals notched, twice as long as the calyx; pods oblong or lanceolate, acute, twisted when ripe, on short nearly erect pedicels, densely pubescent or glabrous; style minute.

In rocky places, Newfoundland and Labrador to Quebec. Also in arctic and alpine Europe. • Hunger-flower. Nailwort. Summer.

Draba hirta L. of high boreal regions has fewer stem-leaves and longer fruiting pedicels.

6 Draba Inc Na L Hoary Or Twisted Whitlow Grass 3446 Draba Inc Na L Hoary Or Twisted Whitlow Grass 345