[In honor of Johann Georg Heinrich Kramer, an Austrian physician of the eighteenth century.]

Type species: Krameria Ixlne L.

1. Krameria Lanceoląta Torr. Linear-Leaved Krameria

Fig. 2448

K. lanceolata Torr. Ann. Lyc. N. Y. 2: 166. 1828.

A perennial appressed-pubescent herb from a thick woody root, the stems prostrate or ascending, branched, often 1° long or more. Leaves numerous, linear, linear-lanceolate or linear-oblong, sessile, simple, entire, about 1' long, 1/2"-2" wide, acute, tipped with a minute prickle; peduncles solitary, axillary, 1-flow-ered, sometimes secund, as long as the leaves, or shorter, bearing 2 leaf-like bracts just below the flower; flowers about 1' broad, the sepals purple within, pubescent without; claws of the 3 upper petals united; stamens 4, monadelphous; fruit globose, pubescent, very spiny, about i in diameter.

Florida to Kansas, New Mexico and Mexico. April-June. Referred in our first edition to the Mexican K. secundiflora DC, which it resembles.

1 Krameria Lanceol Ta Torr Linear Leaved Krameria 790

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