3. Papaver D¨bium L. Long Smooth-Fruited Poppy

Fig. 1975

Papaver dubium L. Sp. Pl. 1196. 1753.

Slender, branching, 1°-2° high, hirsute with spreading hairs. Lower leaves petioled, 4'-6' long, the upper smaller, nearly sessile, all deeply pinnately divided; lobes oblong, pinnatifid, cleft or sometimes entire; flowers 2' broad, scarlet, sometimes darker in the center; filaments not dilated; capsule oblong-clavate, glabrous, 8"-10" long, narrowed below; stigmatic rays 6-10.

In waste and cultivated grounds, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and southward. Also in ballast about the seaports and in Bermuda. Adventive from Europe. Summer. Blind-eyes. Headache. Blaver.

3 Papaver D Bium L Long Smooth Fruited Poppy 3173 Papaver D Bium L Long Smooth Fruited Poppy 318

4. Papaver Argem˛ne L. Pale Or Long Rough-Fruited Poppy

Fig. 1976

Papaver Argemone L. Sp. Pl. 506. 1753.

Slender, hirsute, or nearly glabrous, 1°-2° high, branching. Leaves all but the upper petioled, lanceolate in outline, pinnately divided, the drvisions pin-natifid and toothed; flowers 1'-2' broad, pale red, often with a darker center; filaments not dilated; capsule oblong, 8"-10" long, narrowed at the base, bristly-hairy.

Waste grounds, Philadelphia, and in ballast about the seaports. Fugitive from Europe. Summer. Old name, wind-rose. Headache.

5. Papaver NudicÓule L. Arctic Or Iceland Poppy

Fig. 1977

Papaver nudicaule L. Sp. Pl. 507. 1753.

Papaver radicatum Rottb.; DC. Prodr. 1: 118. 1824.

Perennial, more or less hirsute. Leaves all basal, pinnately lobed or cleft, the lobes linear-oblong, acute or obtuse; scape erect, slender, 2'-12' tall, much exceeding the leaves; flower solitary, 1'-3' broad, yellow or red; filaments filiform; capsule narrowly obovoid, 5"-8" high, about 4" in greatest diameter, densely beset with erect bristly hairs.

Greenland and Labrador to Alaska and British Columbia. Also in northern Europe and Asia. Included in our first edition, in P. alpinum L. Summer.

5 Papaver Nudic Ule L Arctic Or Iceland Poppy 319