11. Viola Novae-└ngliae House. New England Blue Violet

Fig. 2933

Viola novae-angliae House, Rhodora 6: 226. 1904.

In spring densely villous at the base except on petioles of earliest leaves; blades at petaliferous flowering narrowly ovate-triangular, cordate, about 1 3/4' long, and 3/4' wide, glabrous above, more or less pubescent beneath, crenate-serrate at the base, distantly so toward the apex; the blades in summer becoming about 2' wide, the breadth equalling the length; flowers large, violet-purple, on scapes 3'-4' high, mostly above the leaves; the three lower petals densely villous, upper pair often with scattered hairs; sepals oblong, obtuse, glabrous; cleistogamous flowers sagittate, on ascending peduncles, their capsules nearly globose, mottled with purple, 3"-4" long, subtended by spreading naked auricles; seeds nearly 1" long.

Gravelly and sandy shores, or in crevices of rocks, along lakes or rivers, northern and central Maine, western Ontario and northern Wisconsin. May-June.

12. Viola Affinis Le Conte. Le Conte's Violet

Fig. 2934

V. affinis Le Conte, Ann. Lye. N. Y. 2: 138. 1826. Viola venustula Greene, Pittonia 3: 335. 1898.

Nearly glabrous; leaves that unfold at vernal flowering narrowly cordate-ovate, and commonly attenuate toward the apex, becoming about 2' wide in summer, the margins noticeably crenate-serrate; petioles slender; corolla violet with the white base conspicuous, spurred petal more or less villous; cleistogamous flowers small, ovoid, on ascending peduncles that lengthen as the capsules ripen; these ellipsoid, 2 1/2"-4" long, usually reddish brown, sometimes green, either glabrous or clothed with minute dense pubescence; sepals half the length of the capsule, with small appressed auricles; seeds normally buff, not quite 1" long.

Moist meadows, low woods, and shady borders of streams, western New England to Wisconsin, south to Georgia and Alabama. April-May.

12 Viola Affinis Le Conte Le Conte s Violet 1276

13. Viola Nephrophřlla Greene. Northern Bog Violet

Fig. 2935

Viola nephrophylla Greene, Pittonia 3: 144. 1896. Viola vagula Greene, Pittonia 4: 67. 1899.

Nearly or quite glabrous; earliest leaves orbicular or slightly reniform, later leaves broadly ovate, cordate, obtuse or bluntly pointed, crenate-serrate, 1 1/4'-2 1/2 wide; flowers large, violet, on peduncles exceeding the leaves; spurred petal villous, the lateral densely bearded, and the two upper often with scattered hairs; sepals ovate to lanceolate, obtuse and often rounded; cleistogamous flowers ovoid, on erect peduncles at length 1 3/4'-4' high; capsules green, glabrous, short-ellipsoid; seeds olive-brown, nearly 1" long.

Cold mossy bogs and borders of streams and lakes, eastern Quebec to British Columbia, south to northwestern Connecticut, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Washington. May-June.

13 Viola Nephroph Lla Greene Northern Bog Violet 1277