20. Viola Pectināta Bicknell. Cut-Leaved Violet

Fig. 2942

Viola pectinata Bicknell, Torreya 4: 129. 1904.

Plant from short erect rootstock, glabrous except sparsely hirtellous on the margins and veins of leaves; blades at petaliferous flowering narrowly ovate-deltoid, about 1 1/4' long and \' wide, subcordate, sharply dentate; blades of mature leaves in summer widely ovate-deltoid, commonly 2' long and 2 1/2'-31/4' wide, the base truncate or nearly so, often decurrent, the apex acuminate, the margin closely and deeply dentate below the middle, or often pectinate with linear acute entire lobes; flowers on peduncles about the length of the leaves; petals deep violet, white at the base, the three lower villous-bearded, all often with scattered hairs; sepals narrowly lanceolate, with rather long auricles; capsules ovoid-cylindric, often 7" long; seeds buff, about 3/4" long.

Low meadows, along the coast, eastern Massachusetts to Maryland. In all known stations growing with Viola Brittoniana, which it closely resembles except in leaf-outline. May-June.

20 Viola Pectin Ta Bicknell Cut Leaved Violet 128420 Viola Pectin Ta Bicknell Cut Leaved Violet 1285

21. Viola Brittoniāna Pollard. Coast Violet

Fig. 2943

Viola Atlantica Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 24: 92.

1897. Not Pomel. 1874. Viola Brittoniana Pollard, Bot. Gaz. 26: 332.


Rootstock thick, erect; scapes slender, 4'-8' high, mostly longer than the leaves; blades reniform to ovate in outline; 1 1/4'-2 3/4' wide when mature, 3-parted and the segments 2-4-cleft into linear or oblanceolate acute lobes, distantly serrulate, the middle lobe somewhat the widest; glabrous except for minute pubescence on the upper surface and margin; flowers large, rich violet with the white throat conspicuous; sepals linear-lanceolate, acuminate; capsules ovoid-cylindrlc, 5"-8" long; seeds buff, i" long.

In peaty or moist sandy soil along the coast, from southern Maine to Virginia. May-June.

22. Viola Pedatifida Don. Prairie Or Larkspur Violet

Fig. 2944

Viola pedatifida Don, Gard. Dict. 1: 320. 1831. Viola delphinifolia Nutt; T. & G. Fl. N. A. I: 136. 1838.

Rootstock short, vertical; leaves palmately multifid, primarily 3-parted or -divided, each segment again 3-cleft or -parted into linear subdivisions, these often further cut into 2-4 lobes; leaves of late summer less deeply dissected, sometimes 3'-4' wide, usually cuneate at the base with prominent flabelliform veins, the lobes hirsutulous on the margin; scapes exceeding the leaves, bearing showy, violet flowers; cleistogamous capsules yellowish when ripe, 5"-7 1/2" long, on erect peduncles commonly shorter than the petioles; seeds 1" long.

Prairies, Ohio to Saskatchewan, southwest to New Mexico and Arizona. April-June.

22 Viola Pedatifida Don Prairie Or Larkspur Violet 128622 Viola Pedatifida Don Prairie Or Larkspur Violet 1287