An erect glabrous and glaucous perennial, with stout rootstocks. Leaves ternately decompound, with entire segments. Umbels compound. Involucre and involucels wanting, or rarely of 1 or 2 bracts. Calyx-teeth short. Fruit oval or obovate, glabrous, strongly flattened dorsally, the dorsal and intermediate ribs filiform, much narrower than the intervals between them, the lateral ribs broadly winged; oil-tubes 1 or 2 in the intervals; stylopodium very short. [Greek, false Taenidia.]

A monotypic genus.

1. Pseudotaenidia Montàna Mackenzie. Virginia Mountain Pimpernel

Fig. 3116

Pseudotaenidia montàna Mackenzie, Torreya 3: 159. 1903.

Stems striate, 2 1/2o tall, or less. Leaves 2-3-ternate, the segments ovate to oblong-lanceo late or oblanceolate, 1/2'-1 1/4 long, strongly veined beneath; petioles dilated and sheathing; peduncles 2 1/2-8' long; umbel-rays 8-12, the longer up to 1 1/4' long; rays of the umbellets li"-3i" long; fruit 2V-3" long, 2" wide.

Mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. Leaves almost the same as those of Taenidia in-tegerrima. Flowers have not yet been collected.

1 Pseudotaenidia Mont Na Mackenzie Virginia Mounta 1458