Annual caulescent herbs, with the erect stems often topped by a several-rayed umbel. Leaves scattered below the umbel, above it opposite or whor!ed, often petal-like and very showy, entire; stipules at the base of the petioles or leaf-blades, fugacious. Involucres cam-panulate, in rather dense cymes, pubescent without and within; lobes fimbriate. Glands 5, peltate, somewhat concave, with white or pink petal-like appendages. Capsule exserted, large, pubescent, the lobes rounded. Seeds narrowed upward, reticulated, with caruncles. [Greek, referring to the colored leaves or bracts.]

About 4 species, natives of North America, the following typical.

1. Dichrophyllum Marginatum (Pursh.) Kl. & Garcke. White-Margined Spurge

Fig. 2748

Euphorbia marginata Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 607.

1814. Dichrophyllum marginatum Kl. & Garcke, Monatsb.

Akad. Ber. 1859: 249.

Annual, bright green, glabrous or pubescent. Stem rather stout, erect, 10'-3° tall, somewhat channelled, usually pilose, topped by a mostly 3-rayed umbel; leaves except the whorl subtending the umbel, scattered, ovate to obovate, 10'-3 1/2' long, entire, sessile; rays of the umbel forked; bracts large, white-margined; involucres cam-panulate, often clustered, 2" long, usually pubescent, bearing 3 glands subtended by white reni-form appendages; capsule depressed-globose, 3" in diameter, usually pubescent, the lobes rounded; seeds ovoid-globose, terete, about 2" long, dark ash-colored, reticulate-tuberculate.

In dry soil, Minnesota to Colorado, south to Texas. Introduced into waste places in the Central and Atlantic States. Snow-on-the-mountain. Variegated spurge. Mountain snow. May-Oct.

1 Dichrophyllum Marginatum Pursh Kl Garcke White M 1090