Shrubs, with erect ascending or trailing branches, the nodes armed with simple or 3-forked spines, rarely spineless. Racemes 1-few-flowered. Pedicels not jointed. Hypan-thium evident. Fruit not disarticulating from the pedicel. [Ancient name of the gooseberry.]

About 55 species, natives of the north temperate zone. Besides the following, some 30 others occur in the western states. Type species: Ribes Grossularia L.

Ovary bristly; fruit prickly.


G. Cynosbati.

Ovary glabrous, pubescent, or with stalked glands.

Flowers white; filaments long.


G. missouriensis.

Flowers green or purplish; filaments shorter.

Stamens equalling the petals.

Calyx-tube (hypanthium) tubular.


G. setosa.

Calyx-tube (hypanthium) campanulate.


G. oxyacanthoides.

Stamens twice as long as the petals or longer.

Ovary villous.


G. reclinata.

Ovary glabrous or with some stalked glands.

Calyx-lobes twice as long as the tube.


G. rotundifolia.

Calyx-lobes about as long as the tube.


G. hirtella.

1. Grossularia Cynˇsbati (L.) Mill. Wild Gooseberry. Dogberry

Fig. 2205

Ribes Cynosbati L. Sp. Pl. 202. 1753.

Grossularia Cynosbati Mill. Gard. Dict. Ed. 8, No. 5.

1768. Ribes Cynosbati glabratum Fernald, Rhodora 7: 156.


Nodal spines slender, solitary or sometimes 2-3 together, erect or spreading, 3"-6" long, or often wanting. Prickles of the branches few and weak or none; petioles 6"-18" long, slender, generally pubescent; leaflets nearly orbicular, 1'-2' broad, pubescent, at least when young, truncate or cordate at the base, deeply 3-5-lobed, the lobes crenate-dentate or incised; peduncles and pedicels slender; flowers 1-3, green, 3"-4" long; calyx-lobes oblong, shorter than the ovoid tube; stamens not exserted; berry 4"-6" in diameter, with few or many subulate prickles.

In rocky woods, New Brunswick, south, especially along the Alleghanies to North Carolina, west to Manitoba, Alabama and Missouri. Prickly wild-gooseberry. Dog-bramble. April-June.

1 Grossularia Cyn Sbati L Mill Wild Gooseberry Dog 5471 Grossularia Cyn Sbati L Mill Wild Gooseberry Dog 548