Perennial, nearly or quite acaulescent herbs, with 1-3-pinnate leaves, their segments small, short and broad, the flowers white or purple. Calyx-teeth distinct. Fruit glabrous, ovate to orbicular, each carpel with 3-5 broad thin wings. Stylopodium none. Oil-tubes 2 or 3 in each interval, 4-8 on the commissural side. [Greek, referring to the broad wings of the fruit.]

About 5 species, natives of the central and western United States, the following typical.

1. Phellopterus Montànus Nutt. Mountain Cymopterus

Fig. 3146

Cymopterus montanus T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 624. 1840.

Phellopterus montanus Nutt.; Coult. & Rose, Contr. U. S Nat. Herb. 7: 167. 1900.

Somewhat glaucous, or very slightly pubescent. Leaves 1'-6' high, stout-petioled, pinnate, or bipinnate, the segments oblong, obtuse, entire, toothed, or lobed; peduncles stout, 1'-6' high; involucre and involucels of broad membranous somewhat united veined bracts; umbels 1'-2' broad in fruit; rays several, 3"-9" long; pedicels 1"-2" long; fruit ellipsoid, 3"-6" long, the carpels broadly 3-5 winged; oil-tubes 1-3 in the intervals.

Dry soil, South Dakota to western Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. March-April.

1 Phellopterus Mont Nus Nutt Mountain Cymopterus 1488