2. Oxytropis M¨lticeps Nutt. Tufted Oxytrope

Fig. 2563

Oxytropis multiceps Nutt.; T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 341. 1838.

Spiesia multiceps Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 207. 1891.

Aragallus multiceps Heller, Cat. N. A. Pl. 4. 1898.

Nearly acaulescent, with a deep root, tufted and matted, silky-canescent, 3' high or less. Stipules membranous, acute, adnate to the petiole; leaves pinnate; leaflets 7-9, oblong, 3"-6" long, 1"-2" wide, scape 1/2'-1 1/2' long, about equalling the leaves, or shorter, 1-3-flowered; flowers purple, nearly 1' long; calyx slightly pubescent, its teeth short; pod short-stalked in the calyx, coriaceous, little inflated, about ą long, I-celled, acute, pubescent, enclosed by the swollen calyx.

On dry hills and mountains, western Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. Summer.

3. Oxytropis └rctica R. Br. Arctic Oxytrope

Fig. 2564

Oxytropis arctica R. Br. App. Parry's Voy. 278. 1823. Spiesia arctica Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 206. 1891. Aragallus arcticus Greene, Pittonia 3: 211. 1897.

Acaulescent, tufted, villous-pubescent, 1'-4' high. Stipules membranous, lanceolate, imbricated, pubescent; leaves pinnate; leaflets 7-21, linear, or linear-oblong, obtusish, 2"-4" long, about 1/2" wide; peduncles exceeding the leaves, 2-5-flowered at the summit; flowers vio-let( ?), 6"-10" long; calyx pubescent; pod coriaceous, little or not inflated, oblong or ovoid-oblong, sessile, pubescent, incompletely 2-celled.

Shores of the Gulf of St. Lawrence; Hudson Strait. Hudson Bay, and along the Arctic seacoast. Summer. Several related species occur in high arctic America.

3 Oxytropis Rctica R Br Arctic Oxytrope 9063 Oxytropis Rctica R Br Arctic Oxytrope 907

4. Oxytropis CampŔstris (L.) Dc. Yellow Or Field Oxytrope

Fig. 2565

Astragalus campestris L. Sp. Pl. 761. 1753.

Oxytropis campestris DC. Astrag. 74. 1802.

O. campestris coerulea Koch, Syn. 181. 1838.

Spiesia campestris Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 206. 1891.

O. campestris johannensis Fernald, Rhodora 1: 88. 1899.

Aragallus johannensis Heller, Cat. N. A. Pl. Ed. 2, 7. 1900.

Acaulescent or nearly so, much tufted, sparingly pubescent, or glabrate, 6'-15' high. Stipules membranous, lanceolate, acuminate, imbricated, 3"-4" long; leaves pinnate, 3'-6' long; leaflets 13-27, lanceolate or oblong, acute or obtusish at the apex, rounded at the base, sessile, 3"-15" long, 1"-4" wide; peduncles generally exceeding the leaves; flowers several or numerous in short spikes or heads, white, yellow, rose-colored or blue, 6"-8" long; pods sessile, papery in texture, ovoid or oblong, blackish-pubescent, 6"-12" long, acuminate with the subulate style, incompletely 2-celled.

In rocky and gravelly places, Quebec, northern Maine and New Brunswick to Labrador and Hudson Strait. Also in Europe. Summer. Consists of several races, differing in size and in color and size of the flowers.