An annual diffusely branched glabrous or cobwebby-pubescent herb, with alternate peti-oled irregularly toothed leaves, and small sessile bractless perfect or pistillate flowers in panicled interrupted spikes. Calyx 5-lobed, the lobes keeled in flower, a thin horizontal irregularly dentate wing developing below them in fruit. Stamens 5. Styles 2-3. Fruit (except its summit) enclosed by the calyx, depressed. Seed horizontal; embryo a complete ring in the mealy endosperm. [Greek, circle-border, alluding to the calyx-wing.]

A monotypic genus of north central North America.

I. Cycloloma Atriplicif˛lium (Spreng.) Coult. Winged Pigweed

Fig. 1694

Kochia atriplicifolia Spreng. Nactr. Fl. Hal. 2: 35. 1801. Cycloloma platyphyllum Moq. Enum. Chenop. 18. 1840. C. atriplicifolium Coult. Mem. Torr. Club 5: 143. 1894.

Pale green or becoming dark purple, bushy-branched, 6'-2o' high, the stem and branches angular and striate. Leaves lanceolate, mostly acuminate at the apex, narrowed into slender petioles, irregularly sinuate-dentate with acute teeth, 1'-3' long or the upper much smaller; spikes numerous in terminal panicles, loosely flowered, 1'-3' long, slender; fruit, including the winged calyx, 2" broad; calyx-lobes not completely covering the summit of the utricle, which appears as a 5-rayed area.

Along streams and on banks, Manitoba to Indiana and Illinois, Nebraska and Arizona. Tumble-weed. Occasional in waste grounds farther east. Summer.

I Cycloloma Atriplicif Lium Spreng Coult Winged Pi 36