3. Strophostyles Paucifl˛ra (Benth.) S. Wats. Small Wild Bean

Fig. 2649

Phaseolus pauciflorus Benth. Comm. Leg. Gen. 76. 1837.

Phaseolus leiospermus T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 280. 1838.

Strophostyles pauciflorus S. Wats. in A. Gray, Man. Ed. 6, 145. 1890.

Roots annual; stem slender, finely retrorsely hirsute, low-climbing or trailing, 1°-2 1/2° long. Stipules ovate-lanceolate, 1/2"-1 1/2" long; leaflets lanceolate or linear-oblong, obtuse at the apex, rounded at the base, entire, 9"-18" long, 3"-5" wide; peduncles exceeding the leaves; flowers 2-6, capitate-umbellate, purplish, about 3' long; pod flat, linear, about 1' long and 2" wide, very pubescent; seeds purple, glabrous and shining at maturity, 1 1/2"-2" long.

Along rivers, Indiana to South Dakota, Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas and Texas. July-Sept.

3 Strophostyles Paucifl Ra Benth S Wats Small Wild 991

50. V═GNA Savi, Mem. Phas. 3: 7. 1826.

Climbing or trailing herbaceous vines, or sometimes erect herbs, with pinnately 3-foliolate stipulate leaves, the leaflets broad. Flowers clustered at the ends of long axillary peduncles, yellowish or purplish, the rachis of the head or raceme knotty, the bracts and bractlets early deciduous. Calyx 5-toothed, or the 2 upper teeth united. Standard nearly orbicular, auricled at the base; wings shorter than the standard; keel about equalling the standard, slightly incurved. Stamens diadelphous (9 and 1). Ovary sessile; ovules numerous; style bearded along the inner side. Pod linear, nearly terete, 2-valved. [In honor of Domenic Vigni, a commentator on Theophrastus.]

About 30 species. natives of warm and tropical regions. Besides the following, another occurs in the southern United States. Type species: D˛lichos lutÚolus Jacq.

1. Vigna Sinensis (L.) Endl. Cow Pea. China Rean

Fig. 2650

Dolichos sinensis L. Cent. Pl. 2: 28. 1756. Dolichos Catjang L. Mant. 1: 269. 1767. Vigna Catjang Walp. Linnaea 13: 533. 1839. Vigna sinensis Endl.; Hassk. Pl. Jav. Rar. 386. 1848.

Annual, glabrous, or somewhat pubescent; stem twining or trailing, striate. Stipules ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, prolonged backward, 3"-10" long; petioles stout, often as long as the leaflets or longer; terminal leaflet rhombic-ovate, acute or blunt, 2'-6' long, often about as wide, long-stalked; lateral leaflets very obliquely ovate and inequilateral, about as large as the terminal one, short-stalked; flowers few near the knotty ends of the long peduncles, 8'-10" long; pod fleshy, 4-7' long, 3"-4" thick, nearly straight; seeds with a dark circle around the scar of attachment.

Escaped from cultivation, Missouri to Texas and Georgia. Native of Asia, and called chowley, towcok. Seeds edible. Black-eyed bean. July-Sept.

Vigna repŔns (L.) Kuntze, a smaller vine with much shorter pods, widely distributed in tropical America, has been found in ballast about New York.

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