8. Arenaria Sajanensis Willd. Siberian Sandwort

Fig. 1784

Stellaria biflora L. Sp. Pl. 422. 1753. Not A. biflora L. Arenaria sajanensis Willd.; Schlecht. Mag. Naturfr.

1816: 200. 1816. Arenaria biflora S. Wats. Bibl. Index 1: 91. 1878.

Tufted, perennial, stems decumbent, glandular-pubescent, 4' high or less, densely leafy below, the flowering upper parts and the branches with 1-4 distant pairs of smaller leaves, and erect or nearly so; lower leaves linear, stiff, appressed or ascending, 2"-4" long, glabrous, ciliolate or glandular-pubescent; flowers about 4" wide; sepals oblong, glandular-pubescent, obtuse; petals equalling or somewhat longer than the sepals; capsule longer than the calyx, 3-valved.

Greenland, Labrador and Quebec to Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains. Northern Asia. Summer.

8 Arenaria Sajanensis Willd Siberian Sandwort 1268 Arenaria Sajanensis Willd Siberian Sandwort 127

9. Arenaria Carolmiana Walt. Pine-Barren Sandwort

Fig. 1785

Arenaria caroliniana Walt. Fl. Car. 141. 1788. Arenaria squarrosa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 273. 1803.

Perennial from a deep root, tufted, more or less glandular-pubescent, base woody, flowering stems ascending or erect, 4'-10' high, nearly simple up to the cymose inflorescence. Lower leaves subulate, rigid, 2"-3" long, channeled on the inner surface, keeled by the prominent midrib, densely imbricated; upper leaves similar, distant; cymes terminal, few-flowered; pedicels ascending or erect; flowers 5"-8" broad; sepals ovate-oblong, obtuse, nerveless; petals oblanceo-late, 3-4 times as long as the calyx; pod short-ovoid, twice as long as the calyx, 3-valved; seeds very nearly smooth.

In dry sand, southeastern New York, pine barrens of New Jersey, south near the coast to Florida and Georgia. May-July.

10. Arenaria Stricta Michx. Rock Sandwort

Fig. 1786

Arenaria stricta Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 274. 1803. Alsine Michauxii Fenzl, Verbr. Alsin. table, p. 18.

1833. Arenaria Michauxii Hook. f. Trans. Linn. Soc.

23: 287. 1867.

Perennial from a short root, tufted, slender erect or ascending, glabrous, bark green, 6'-16' high, simple or nearly so to the diffuse cymose bracted inflorescence. Leaves slender, rigid, subulate or filiform, broadest at the sessile base, 4"-10" long, distinctly I-ribbed, spreading, with numerous others fascicled in the axils; pedicels 3"-18" long; flowers 4"-5" broad; calyx ovoid-oblong in fruit; sepals lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, acute, 3-ribbed, 2" long, about half the length of the petals and slightly shorter than the ovoid pod; seeds minutely rugose.

In dry rocky places, especially limestone bluffs, Ontario to New Hampshire. Virginia, Minnesota, South Dakota and Missouri. June-July.

10 Arenaria Stricta Michx Rock Sandwort 12810 Arenaria Stricta Michx Rock Sandwort 129