3. Lesquerella Argéntea (Pursh) Macm. Silvery Bladder-Pod

Fig. 2015

Myagrum argenteum Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 434.

1814. Vesicaria argentea DC. Syst. 2: 297. 1821. Lesquerella Ludoviciana S. Wats. Proc. Am. Acad.

23:252. 1888. L. argentea MacM. Met. Minn. 263. 1892.

Biennial or perennial, tufted, nearly simple, 6'-18' high, densely stellate-pubescent throughout. Leaves linear, oblong or oblanceolate, the lower 2'-3' long, blunt, entire or sparingly repand-toothed; flowers yellow; petals 3" long; pedicels slender, 8"-12" long in fruit, spreading or recurved; pod slightly stipitate, stellate-pubescent, globose to oval, 2"-2 1/2" long; style about equalling the pod.

Prairies, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas to North Dakota, Wyoming and Arizona. May-June.

4. Lesquerella Grácilis (Hook.) S. Wats. Slender Bladder-Pod

Fig. 2016

Vesicaria gracilis Hook. Bot. Mag. pl. 3533. 1836. L. gracilis S. Wats. Proc. Am. Acad. 23: 253. 1888.

Annual, weak, green, stem slender, 10'-20' high, freely branching, sparsely stellate-pubescent. Leaves linear or oblanceolate, the lower slightly petioled, the upper sessile, 9"-2' long, their margins often undulate; flowers yellow; petals about 3" long; pedicels spreading, sometimes 1' long in fruit, ascending or upwardly curved; pod globose, glabrous, 2" in diameter, stipitate at the end of the pedicel; style 2" long; seeds several in each cell.

Prairies, Missouri and Nebraska to Texas. March-May.

4 Lesquerella Gr Cilis Hook S Wats Slender Bladder 3584 Lesquerella Gr Cilis Hook S Wats Slender Bladder 359

5. Lesquerella Ovalifòlia Rydb. Oval-Leaved Bladder-Pod

Fig. 2017

Lesquerella ovalifolia Rydb.; Britt. & Brown, 1ll. Fl. 2: 137. 1897.

Perennial from a tufted caudex, pale, densely stellate-canescent. Basal leaves tufted, broadly oval to obovate, sometimes nearly orbicular, entire, obtuse or subacute, 1'-2' long, narrowed into rather long petioles; stem-leaves distant, sessile, or the lowest short-petioled, linear-ob-lanceolate or narrowly spatulate; fruiting pedicels comparatively stout, ascending, 6"-10" long; pods very short-stipitate, subglobose, obtuse, 2V-3" in diameter, glabrous; style about 3" long; seeds about 6 in each cell.

In dry soil, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado.

6. Lesquerella Àrctica (Dc.) S. Wats. Arctic Bladder-Pod

Fig. 2018

Alyssum? arcticum DC. Syst. 2: 324. 1821. Vesicaria arctica Richards. Frank. Journ. 743. 1823. Lesquerella arctica S. Wats. Proc. Am. Acad. 23: 254. 1888.

Perennial, tufted, densely stellate-pubescent, stem nearly or quite simple, erect, 1'-5' tall. Leaves oblanceolate, or spatulate, or the upper oblong, 1' long or less, obtuse, entire, the basal ones narrowed into broad petioles, the upper sessile; petals about 2" long; pods oval or subglobose, obtuse, 2"-3" high, glabrous or somewhat stellate-pubescent, few-seeded; septum perforated; style 1" or less long.

Greenland and arctic America. Summer.

The plant described as Lesquerella àrctica Purshii S. Watts., is taller, sometimes 6' high; the septum of the sparsely stellate-pubescent pod unperforated. Anticosti.

6 Lesquerella Rctica Dc S Wats Arctic Bladder Pod 360