Tall perennial herbs, with alternate petioled pinnately divided stipulate leaves, and small white, pink or purple perfect flowers in large cymose panicles. Calyx 5-lobed. Petals 5, clawed. Stamens numerous, inserted on the flat or slightly concave receptacle; filaments narrowed at the base. Pistils about 10 (5-15), distinct; ovary 2-ovuled. Ripe carpels capsular, indehiscent, 1-seeded. Seed pendulous. [Latin, a hanging thread.]

About 10 species, natives of the north temperate zone. Besides the following, 2 others occur in northwestern America. Type species: Spiraea Filipendula L.

Lateral leaflets palmately 3-5-lobed; flowers pink or purple.



Lateral leaflets merely serrate, or slightly lobed; flowers white.


F. Ulmaria.

1. Filipendula Rubra (Hill) Robinson. Queen-Of-The-Prairie

Fig. 2225

Ulmaria rubra Hill, Hort. Kew. 214. pl. 7. 1769.

Spiraea lobata Gronov.; Jacq. Hort. Vind. 1: 38. pl. 88. 1770.

Spiraea rubra Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 18: 270. 1891.

F. rubra Robinson, Rhodora 8: 204. 1906.

Glabrous, stem branched, grooved, 2°-8° tall. Leaves large, green on both sides, the lower sometimes 3o long, pinnately 3-7-folio-late, commonly with smaller leaf-segments interposed or borne on the petiole; lateral leaflets sessile, opposite, palmately 3-5-lobed or 3-5-parted, the lobes acute, unequally serrate or incised; terminal leaflet larger, 7-9-parted; stipules serrate, persistent, 4"-8" long; flowers pink or purpie, fragrant, about 4" broad; capsules glabrous.

In moist grounds and on prairies, western Pennsylvania to Illinois and Michigan, south to Georgia, Kentucky and Iowa. Escaped from gardens farther east. June-July.

1 Filipendula Rubra Hill Robinson Queen Of The Pra 567

2. Filipendula UlmÓria (L.) Maxim. Meadow-Sweet Or Meadow-Queen. Honey-Sweet. Sweet-Hay

Fig. 2226

Spiraea Ulmaria L. Sp. Pl. 490. 1753. Ulmaria palustris Moench, Meth. 663. 1794. Ulmaria Ulmaria Barnhart, Bull. Torr. Club 21:

491. 1894. F. Ulmaria Maxim. Acta Hort. Petrop. 6: 251.


Stem branched, angular or grooved, 2°-4° tall. Leaves pinnately 3-9-foliolate, densely and finely white-downy beneath, green above, sometimes with several or numerous much smaller leaf-segments interposed between the leaflets or borne on the petiole; lateral leaflets sessile, opposite, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acute or acuminate, serrate or sometimes slightly lobed, the terminal one larger and deeply 3-5-lobed, the lobes acute and serrate; stipules about 1/2' long; flowers white or greenish-white, fragrant.

Escaped from gardens, Quebec to Massachusetts. Native of Europe and Asia. June-Aug. Meadow-wort. Herb Christopher. My lady's-belt. Bride-wort.

Filipendula denudÓta (Presl) Rydb., differs in having the leaves green on both sides, and is established near Dover, Maine. It is also native of Europe and Asia.

2 Filipendula Ulm Ria L Maxim Meadow Sweet Or Mead 568