39. Aster Novi-Belgii L. New York Aster

Fig. 4320

Aster novi-belgii L. Sp. Pl. 877. 1753. Aster novi-belgii elodes A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 12: 190. 1884. Aster novi-belgii litoreus A. Gray, loc. cit. 189. 1884. Aster novi-belgii atlanticus Burgess; Britt. & Brown, 111. Fl. 3: 370. 1898. Aster novi-belgii Brittonii Burgess, loc. cit. 371. 1898.

Stem slender, usually much branched, glabrous, or slightly pubescent above, 1°-3° high. Leaves lanceolate, oblong-lanceolate, or linear-lanceolate, firm, often somewhat fleshy, entire, or slightly serrate, glabrous, or very nearly so, acuminate at the apex, narrowed, sessile and more or less clasping at the base, 2'-6' long, 3"-8" wide, the lowest petioled; heads corymbose-paniculate, usually numerous, 10"-15" broad; involucre hemispheric to campanulate, its bracts linear, acute, or obtusish, green, somewhat spreading, in 3-5 series, the outer shorter; rays 15-25, violet, 4"-5" long; pappus whitish; achenes glabrous or nearly so.

39 Aster Novi Belgii L New York Aster 991

In swamps, Newfoundland to Maine and Georgia, mainly near the coast. Races differ in leaf-form and in the involucrai bracts. Aug.-Oct.

39 Aster Novi Belgii L New York Aster 992

40. Aster Longifdlius Lam. Long-Leaved Aster

Fig. 4321

Aster longifolius Lam. Encycl. 1: 306. 1783.

Aster longifolius villicaulis A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 1: Part 2, 189. 1884.

Stem glabrous, or pubescent, leafy, paniculately branched, 1°-3° high. Leaves lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, entire, or nearly so, acuminate at the apex, narrowed into a sessile clasping usually slightly cordate base, 3'-8' long, 2"-6" wide; heads rather numerous, about 1' broad; involucre hemispheric, 4"-5" high, its bracts glabrous, narrow, green, acute, imbricated in few series, nearly equal; rays numerous, 2V-7" long, violet or pale purple; pappus pale.

In swamps and moist ground, Labrador to Saskatchewan, northern New England, Ontario and Montana. Summer.

41. Aster Foliaceus Lindl. Leafy-Bracted Aster

Fig. 4322

Aster foliaceus Lindl. in DC. Prodr. 5: 228. 1835.

Stem usually stout, sparingly pubescent in lines, 2°-3° high, branched above, the branches ascending. Leaves lanceolate, acute at the apex, entire, or with a few small distant teeth, glabrous on both sides, very rough-margined, 2'-4 long, 1/2'-1' wide, the upper clasping at the base, the lowest petioled; heads few, 1'broad or more; involucre hemispheric, its bracts green, foliaceous, oblong, the inner narrower and acute; rays about 30, violet, 4"-5" long; pappus nearly white; achenes pubescent.

Mountains of Quebec; Oregon to Alaska. July-Sept. The figure of this species in our first edition was erroneously stated to have been drawn from specimens collected in western Nebraska.

41 Aster Foliaceus Lindl Leafy Bracted Aster 99341 Aster Foliaceus Lindl Leafy Bracted Aster 994