57. Aster Commutatus (T. & G.) A. Gray. White Prairie Aster

Fig. 4338

Aster ramulosus var. incanopilosus Lindl. in DC. Prodr. 5:

243. 1836. Aster multiflorus var. commutatus T. & G. Fl. N. A. 2: 125.

1841. Aster commutatus A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 1: Part 2, 185. 1884. A. incanopilosus Sheldon, Bull. Torr. Club 20: 286. 1893.

Similar to the preceding species, except in the inflorescence, the stem rough-pubescent, or sometimes nearly glabrous, l 1/2°-2 1/2° high, with ascending or divergent branches. Leaves linear or linear-oblong, obtuse, entire, sessile or slightly clasping at the base, those of the stem 1'-3' long; heads larger than those of A. multiflorus, 6"-8" broad; involucre 3"-4" high, its ciliate bracts squarrose-tipped and sometimes foliaceous; rays 20-30, about 3" long.

On prairies and along rivers, Minnesota to Saskatchewan, Nebraska, Texas and New Mexico. Aug.-Oct.

57 Aster Commutatus T G A Gray White Prairie Aster 1009

58. Aster Dumosus L. Bushy Aster. Rice-Button Aster

Fig. 4339

Aster dumosus L. Sp. Pl. 873. 1753.

Aster coridifolius Michx.; Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 2028. 1804.

Aster dumosus strictior T. & G. Fl. N. A. 2: 128. 1841.

Aster dumosus coridifolius T.&G. Fl. N. A. 2:128. 1841.

Glabrous or nearly so throughout, rather stiff and viscid, usually paniculately branched, 1°-3° high. Leaves firm, those of the stem linear or linear-lanceolate, entire, acute, or obtusish, l'-3' long, 11/2"-3" wide, roughish-margined, often reflexed, those of the branches very numerous, small and bract-like, the basal ones spatulate, dentate; heads 4"-7" broad, terminating the slender minutely leafy branches and branchlets, usually numerous; involucre broadly campanulate, its bracts linear-subulate, obtuse or acutish, appressed, imbricated in about 4 series, green-tipped; rays 15-30, blue to pale violet or white, 2"-4" long; pappus white; achenes pubescent.

Sandy soil, Massachusetts to western New York, Ontario, Florida, Louisiana and Missouri. Aug.-Oct.

Aster Gravesii Burgess, known only from Water-ford, Conn., has oblong-la'nceolate leaves, acuminate at both ends, the larger 8" wide, the rays bright purple.

58 Aster Dumosus L Bushy Aster Rice Button Aster 1010

59. Aster Salicifolius Lam. Willow Aster

Fig. 4340

Aster salicifolius Lam. Encycl. 1: 306. 1783. Aster subasper Lindl. Comp. Bot. Mag. 1: 97. 1835. Aster stenophyllus Lindl. DC. Prodr. 5: 242. 1836. Aster salicifolius subasper A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 1: Part 2, 188. 1884.

Stem rather slender, paniculately much branched, usually very leafy, 2°-5° high, glabrous, roughish or somewhat pubescent above. Leaves firm, lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, roughish or rough-margined, acute or acuminate at the apex, narrowed and sessile or slightly clasping at the base, entire or sparingly dentate with low teeth, glabrous or nearly so, 2'-4 long, 2"-6" wide, the lowest sometimes petioled, those of the branches gradually smaller; heads numerous, 8"-12" broad; involucre 3"-4" high, its bracts linear-oblong, appressed, imbricated in 4 or 5 series, their green tips acute or obtusish; rays numerous, violet, or violet-purple, or sometimes white, 3"-4" long; pappus white; achenes pubescent.

In moist soil, Maine to Massachusetts, Florida, Ontario, Assiniboia, Texas and Colorado. Aug.-Oct.

59 Aster Salicifolius Lam Willow Aster 101159 Aster Salicifolius Lam Willow Aster 1012