Fig. 3475

Gilia spicata Nutt Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. (II.) 1: 156. 1848.

Perennial, woolly-tomentose; stems erect, rather stout, simple, solitary, or 2-4 from the woody root, 6'-18' high. Leaves alternate, narrowly linear, pinnately parted into 3-5 linear segments, or some or many of them entire, 1'-2' long; flowers in an elongated narrow spicate thyrsus, sessile in small clusters, purplish, 4"-6" long; tube of the corolla somewhat exceeding the calyx, considerably longer than the ovate-oblong lobes; calyx-lobes acuminate; anthers equally inserted in the throat.

In dry soil, western Nebraska to Wyoming and Utah. May-Aug.

4 Gilia Spicata Nutt Spicate Gilia 1464 Gilia Spicata Nutt Spicate Gilia 147

5. Gilia Iberidifdlia Benth. Round-Headed Gilia

Fig. 3476

Gilia iberidifolia Benth. in Hook. Kew. Journ. Bot. 3: 290. 1851.

Perennial by a deep root, woolly-tomentose, at least when young, branched from the base or also above, 3'-18' high. Leaves mostly petioled, -2' long, pinnately divided into 3-9 narrowly linear sharp-pointed segments, or the uppermost entire; flowers white, densely capitate-clustered, 2"-3" long, the clusters bracted by the upper leaves, 1/2'-1' broad, sometimes corymbed; calyx-lobes awn-like; corolla-tube about the length of the calyx, slightly longer than the oval lobes; filaments equally inserted in or below the sinuses of the corolla; ovules 1-4 in each cavity.

In dry soil, South Dakota to Nebraska, Colorado, California, Montana and Idaho. In our first edition included in the similar G. congesta Hook. May-Aug.

6. Gilia Pumila Nutt. Low Gilia

Fig. 3477

Gilia pumila Nutt. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. (II.) 1: 156. 1848.

Annual, branched from the base and sometimes also above, woolly at least when young, 3'-8' high. Leaves alternate, thick, 1/2'-1' long, pinnately divided into linear mucronulate sometimes lobed segments, or the uppermost entire; flowers in dense or at length looser simple or compound cymes, sessile; corolla 3"-4" long, its tube about 3 times the length of the lobes and twice as long as the calyx; calyx-lobes awn-like; stamens inserted in or below the sinuses of the corolla, somewhat exserted; ovules 5 or 6 in each cavity.

In dry soil, western Nebraska to Texas, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico. April-June.

Gilia tricolor Benth., of California, admitted into our first edition as recorded escaped from gardens to roadsides at Lincoln, Nebraska, is not known to have become established within our area.

6 Gilia Pumila Nutt Low Gilia 1486 Gilia Pumila Nutt Low Gilia 149

7. Gilia Acerdsa (A. Gray) Britton. Needle-Leaved Gilia

Fig. 3478

G. rigidula var. acerosa A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 8: 280. 1870. Gilia acerosa Britton, Man. 761. 1901.

Perennial, from a woody base, 4'-7' high, glandular-pubescent, bushy-branched, the slender branches erect-ascending. Leaves 1' long or less, pinnately parted into 3-7 acicular entire segments; flowers scattered, on slender pedicels 1' long or less; corolla rotate, about 10" wide, its lobes rounded at the apex, abruptly contracted at the base; filaments filiform; anthers oblong; capsule about as long as the calyx-tube.

Rocky and gravelly soil, Kansas to Texas, Mexico and New Mexico. April-Aug.