8. Scutellaria Parvula Michx. Small Skullcap

Fig. 3582

S. parvula Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 11. 1803.

Scutellaria ambigua Nutt. Gen. 2: 37. 1818.

S.. parvula var. mollis A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 21: 38o.

1878. S. campestris Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 283.


Glabrous, or quite densely pubescent, sometimes slightly glandular, perennial by slender tuberous-thickened rootstocks; stems erect or ascending, very slender, usually branched, 3'-12' tall. Leaves ovate, oval or lanceolate, or the lower nearly orbicular, entire and sessile, or the lower dentate and petioled, 3"-12" long; flowers solitary in the axils; fruiting calyx about 2" long; corolla 2 "-4" long, violet, pubescent; gynobase short.

In sandy soil, Quebec to Ontario, South Dakota, Florida, Nebraska and Texas. Races differ in pubescence and in leaf-form. April-July. Little scull-cap.

8 Scutellaria Parvula Michx Small Skullcap 2538 Scutellaria Parvula Michx Small Skullcap 254

9. Scutellaria Brittonii Porter. Britton's Skullcap

Fig. 3583

Scutellaria resinosa A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 2: Part 1, 381. 1878. Not Torr. 1827.

Scutellaria Brittonii Pcrter, Bull. Torr. Club 21: 177. 1894.

Perennial by tuberous-thickened rootstocks, vis-cidly glandular, pubescent or puberulent, branched from the base; stems erect, 4'-8' high, leafy. Leaves oblong or oval, sessile and entire or the lowest short-petioled and slightly crenulate, obtuse at the apex, rather prominently veined on the lower surface, 6"-i2" long, the upper scarcely smaller; flowers solitary in the axils; pedicels mostly shorter than the calyx; corolla pubescent, blue, 10"-15" long, the tube narrow below, enlarged above into the throat; gynobase short.

Nebraska (according to Coulter); Colorado and Wyoming. June-July.

10. Scutellaria Bushii Britton. Bush's Skullcap

Fig. 3584

Scutellaria Bushii Britton, Manual, 785. 1901.

Roots thick-fibrous; stems several or numerous, tufted, erect or nearly so, finely cinereous-pubescent, 6'-12' high. Leaves oblanceolate to oblong-oblanceo-late, obtuse, entire, sessile, 3/4'-1 1/2' long, 2"-4" wide, the veins rather prominent; flowers solitary in the axils, short-peduncled, about 1' long; corolla short-pubescent.

Barrens, southern Missouri. May-June.

10 Scutellaria Bushii Britton Bush s Skullcap 25510 Scutellaria Bushii Britton Bush s Skullcap 256

11. Scutellaria Saxatilis Riddell. Rock Skullcap

Fig. 3585

S.. saxatilis Riddell, Suppl. Cat. Pl. Ohio, 14. 1836.

Perennial by filiform runners or stolons, glabrate or sparingly puberulent; stem slender, weak, ascending or reclining, simple or branched, 6'-2o' long. Leaves ovate, slender-petioled, thin, coarsely crenate, obtuse at the apex, cordate at the base, 1'-2' long, or the lower nearly orbicular, and the upper lanceolate, subacute and entire; flowers solitary in the upper axils, or clustered in a terminal leafy-bracted loose raceme; bracts longer than the pedicels; fruiting calyx about 2" long; corolla light blue, very nearly glabrous, 8"-10" long; gynobase short.

On moist banks and in thickets, Delaware to South Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee. Ascends to 3000 ft. in Virginia. May-July.