[Vleckia Raf. Med. Rep. (II.) 5: 308. 1808.]

[Lophanthus Benth. Bot. Reg. 15: under pl. 1282. 1829. Not Adans. 1763.]

Tall erect perennial herbs, with serrate, mainly ovate, petioled leaves, and yellowish purplish or blue flowers, verticillate-clustered in thick dense or interrupted bracted terminal spikes. Calyx narrowly campanulate, somewhat oblique, slightly 2- lipped, 5-toothed, the teeth of the upper lip somewhat larger than those of the lower, or all about equal. Corolla strongly 2-lipped, the tube as long as the calyx; upper lip erect, 2-lobed; lower lip spreading, 3-lobed, its middle lobe broader than the lateralones and crenulate. Stamens 4, all anther-bearing, didynamous, the upper pair the longer; anthers 2-celled, their sacs nearly parallel. Ovary deeply 4-parted; style 2-cleft at the summit. Nutlets ovoid, smooth. [Greek, many spikes.]

About 8 species, natives of North America. Besides the following, 2 or 3 others occur in the western United States. Type species: Hyssopus nepetoides L.

Glabrous or very nearly so, stout; corolla greenish-yellow.

1. A. nepetoides.

Pubescent, stout; corolla purplish; leaves green both sides.

2. A. scrophulariaefolia.

Glabrous or slightly pubescent, slender; corolla blue; leaves pale beneath.

3. A. anethiodora.

8 Agastache Clayt Gron Fl Virg 88 1762 261

1. Agastache Nepetoides (L.) Kuntze. Catnep Giant-Hyssop

Fig. 3590

Hyssopus nepetoides L. Sp. Pl. 569. 1753. Lophanthus nepetoides Benth. Bot. Reg. under pl. 1282. 1829. Vleckia nepetoides Raf. Fl. Tell. 3: 89. 1836. 'A. nepetoides Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 511. 1891.

Glabrous, or slightly puberulent; stem stout, 2°-s° high, branched, at least above, sharply 4-angled. Leaves ovate or ovate-oblong, acuminate or acute at the apex, rounded, cordate or the upper narrowed at the base, mostly thin, coarsely dentate, 2'-6' long; spikes 3'-18' long, usually very dense; petioles of the lowest leaves often 2' long; bracts ovate, acute or acuminate; calyx-teeth oblong or ovate-oblong, obtuse or subacute, sometimes purplish; corolla greenish yellow, about 4" long, scarcely exceeding the calyx.

In woods and thickets, Quebec and Vermont to South Dakota, south to Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas and Arkansas. July-Sept.

1 Agastache Nepetoides L Kuntze Catnep Giant Hysso 262

2. Agastache Scrophulariaefolia (Willd.) Kuntze. Figwort Giant-Hyssop

Fig. 3591

Hyssopus scrophulariaefolius Willd. Sp. Pl. 3:

48. 1801. Lophanthus scrophulariaefolius Benth. Bot.

Reg. under pl. 1282. 1829. Vleckia scrophulariaefolia Raf. Fl. Tell. 3: 89.

1836. Agastache scrophulariaefolia Kuntze, Rev.

Gen. Pl. 511. 1891.

Similar to the preceding species, but commonly taller, strong-scented, the obtusely 4-angled stem, the petioles and lower surfaces of the leaves more or less pubescent, sometimes villous. Leaves nearly identical with those of V. nepetoides in size and outline; spike sometimes interrupted, 3'-18' long; bracts broadly ovate, abruptly acuminate; calyx-teeth lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, very acute or sometimes acuminate, whitish or purplish; corolla purplish, 5"-6" long, considerably exceeding the calyx.

In woods and thickets, New Hampshire to Ontario, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri. July-Oct.

3. Agastache Anethioddra (Nutt.) Britton. Fragrant Giant-Hyssop

Fig. 3592

Hyssopus anethiodorus Nutt. Fras. Cat. 1813. Hyssopus anisatus Nutt. Gen. 2: 27. 1818. Lopanthus anisatus Benth. Bot. Reg. under pl.

1282. 1829. Vleckia anisata Raf. Fl. Tell. 3: 89. 1836. Vleckia anethiodora Greene, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 282. 1894. A. anethiodora Britton in Britt. & Brown, 111.

Fl. 3:85. 1898.

Glabrous, or minutely puberulent; stem rather slender, leafy, usually branched, 2-4° high. Leaves ovate or triangular-ovate, firm, mostly short-petioled, acute or acuminate at the apex, truncate, obtuse or sometimes subcordate at the base, sharply serrate, green above, pale and minutely canes-cent beneath, 2' - 3' long, anise-scented; spikes dense or interrupted, seldom 6' long; bracts broadly ovate, abruptly acuminate; calyx-teeth ovate to lanceolate, acute, purple; corolla blue, 4"-5" long, somewhat exceeding the calyx.

On prairies and plains, Minnesota to Manitoba, Alberta, Illinois, Nebraska and Colorado. July-Sept. Anise-hyssop.

3 Agastache Anethioddra Nutt Britton Fragrant Gian 263