11. Artemisia Biennis Willd. Biennial Wormwood

Fig. 4581

Artemisia biennis Willd. Phytogr. 11. 1794.

Annual or biennial, glabrous throughout; stem very leafy, usually branched, 1°-4° high, the branches nearly erect. Leaves 1'-3' long, 1-2-pinnately divided into linear or linear-oblong, acutish, serrate or incised lobes, the lowest petioled, the uppermost less divided or rarely quite entire; heads about 11/2" broad, not drooping, sessile and exceedingly numerous in axillary glomerules which are crowded, forming a compound spicate inflorescence, the subtending leaves much exceeding the clusters; involucre nearly hemispheric, its bracts green, scarious-margined; receptacle naked; central flowers fertile.

Native from Tennessee to Nebraska, Manitoba, British Columbia and California, now widely distributed as a weed from Manitoba to Nova Scotia, south to Missouri, Kentucky and Delaware. Aug.-Oct.

12. Artemisia Stelleriana Bess. Beach Wormwood

Fig. 4582

Artemisia Stelleriana Bess. Abrot. 79. pl. 5. 1829.

Perennial, densely white-tomentose; stem branched, l°-2 1/2° high, bushy, the branches ascending. Leaves obovate to spatulate, 1-4' long, pinnatifid into oblong, obtuse, entire or few-toothed lobes, the lower petioled, the upper sessile, all densely tomentose beneath, but becoming green and glabrous above when old; heads racemose-spicate or racemose-glomerate, 3-4" broad, not drooping; involucre oblong-campanulate, its bracts tomentose, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate; receptacle naked; central flowers fertile.

Sandy sea-beaches, Quebec to New Jersey; Oneida Lake, N. Y. Cultivated in gardens along the coast. Native of northeastern Asia. Occurs also on the coast of Sweden. Foliage similar to that of the dusty miller, Cineraria maritima L. July-Aug.

12 Artemisia Stelleriana Bess Beach Wormwood 125312 Artemisia Stelleriana Bess Beach Wormwood 1254

13. Artemisia Vulgaris L. Common Mug-Wort

Fig. 4583

Artemisia vulgaris L. Sp. Pl. 848. 1753.

Perennial; stem glabrous or nearly so, much branched, 1°-3 1/2° high. Leaves 1'-4 1/2' long, deeply pinnatifid, into linear, oblong or somewhat spatulate, pinnatifid, toothed or entire lobes, densely white-tomentose beneath, dark green and glabrous above, the lower petioled and often with 1 or 2 pairs of small lateral divisions at or near the base of the petiole, the upper sessile, the uppermost sometimes linear and entire; heads numerous, erect, about 2" broad, in panicled, simple or compound spikes; involucre oblong-campanulate, its bracts oblong, obtusish, scarious-margined, tomentose or glabrous; receptacle naked; central flowers fertile.

In waste places, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Naturalized from Europe. Native also of Asia. Reported as native of arctic America. Motherwort. Fellon-herb. Sailor's-tobacco. Wormwood. Bulwand.

Green ginger. July-Oct.

Artemisia elatior (T. & G.) Rydb., a northwestern species, with elongated acuminate leaf-lobes, ranges eastward to Hudson Bay.