Stems: erect. Leaves: verticillate at the summit of the stem, sessile, oval, pinnately veined, acute at each end, entire; bracts in-volucral, white. Flowers: greenish, capitate. Fruit: red, globose.

A slender tough stem bearing a circle of four or five oval, pointed leaves at its summit, out of the midst of which grows a cluster of inconspicuous tiny green flowers, surrounded by four beautiful white bracts, - such is the Bunch-berry, or Pigeonberry, which we find everywhere in the forests. It will surprise many travellers to learn that the lovely white leaves are not the petals, but only the bracts encircling the wee green flowers in the centre.

When these white bracts have fallen off, each flower-head develops into a bunch of small scarlet berries, from which the species derives its common name.

Cornus stolonifera, or Red-osier Dogwood, is a handsome shrub, with bright red stems and numerous flat-topped clusters of pretty little greenish-white flowers, which have a very fragrant odour. The Western Indians call it Kinni-kinic, and dry and use the inner bark in place of tobacco; while the half-breeds of the plains call it Harouge, signifying "a red switch." The fruit is a cluster of round dark blue berries.


Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)

Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)