Stems: slender. Leaves: leaf solitary, orbicular to oval, with one or two sheathing scales below it. Flowers: spike two-to-ten flowered, subtended by small bracts; sepals lateral ones spreading; petals similar to the sepals; lip longer than the petals, three-lobed, the middle lobe larger, dilated, notched at the apex; spur slender, shorter than the lip,

A lovely pale pink orchis, with a single roundish leaf growing at the base and roots composed of fleshy fibres. The clusters of flowers are slightly fragrant. Each blossom has a large, protruding, flat lip of palest pink, spotted with rose or purple, and divided into three lobes, the centre one being notched. A wing-like sepal stands out on either side, and the small petals and sepals are all pink, the arched petal that is bent down over the stamens being spotted with rose-purple like the lip. It is found in moist places and grows to full perfection where very wet ground combined with a full exposure to the sun is possible.

Plate XLIV

Fly spotted Orchis (Orchis rotundifolia)

Fly-spotted Orchis (Orchis rotundifolia)