An erect shrub. Leaves: persistently white-tomentose beneath, green and loosely tomentose above, oblong-lanceolate, thick, sparingly dentate or entire, acute at both ends. Flowers: aments expanding before the leaves, cylindric. Fruit: a capsule, ovoid-conic, acute, densely tomen-tose.

The pointed leaves of the Hoary Willow are extremely white-woolly, especially beneath, and the red style is three times as long as the stigmas. The older twigs of this shrub, which attains a height of five or six feet, are red or purple, and the younger ones are white-woolly like the leaves.

Salix Barclayi, or Barclay's Willow, has dark brown twigs, and oval leaves, which are a pale green beneath, and darker on the top. Sometimes you will find on this Willow a number of curious rose-like arrangements terminating the branches, these are the result of the work of a species of gall insect and look exactly like reddish-green roses.

Salix Barrattiana, or Barratt's Willow, is a small tree growing from ten to fifty feet high, with light gray bark, and oblong, dark green leaves, which become rusty beneath when old. The aments are very densely-flowered, the scales being black or red at the apex, and woolly with long white hairs.

Salix Bebbiana, or Brown Willow, is sometimes a shrub, and sometimes a bushy tree twenty-five feet high. It has elliptical, pointed, gray-green leaves, often tinged with red on the upper surface, and woolly underneath.

Salix nivalis, or Alpine Willow, is a small species growing very high up on the mountains.

Salix petrophila, or Dwarf Willow, is a low creeping shrub, with narrow leaves about an inch long, which have even edges, and are green on both sides. It grows at very high altitudes.

Salix vestita, or Hairy Willow, is a low shrub with four-sided green twigs, and thick, egg-shaped leaves, which have slightly wavy margins dark green and smooth on the top, and silky underneath. The aments are stalked, and the capsules are densely silky-hairy.

Salix sitchcnsis, or Sitka Willow, is a straggling shrub, or a much-branched tree, with reddish-brown bark, slender, downy branches, and leaves which are dark green above, and thickly covered beneath with lustrous satiny hairs.

Salix arctica, or Arctic Willow, is a low branching shrub, with egg-shaped leaves narrowed at the base, and growing on long leaf-stalks.