Stems: scape naked, slender, pubescent. Leaves: all basal, linear, lanceolate, crenulate, acuminate at the apex. Flowers: heads solitary, yellow; rays truncate, five-toothed.

A flower very like a real Dandelion, but with totally different foliage. The False Dandelion may always be distinguished by its long ribbon-like leaves, which grow up from the base of the plant and have slightly wavy margins.

Agoscris gracilcns, or Small-flowered False Dandelion, has lanceolate entire acute leaves and slender scapes ten to eighteen inches high which are woolly at the summit. The bracts of the involucre are narrow and smooth with hairy-fringed margins, and the flowers are a beautiful deep orange.

Agoseris aarantiaca, or Copper False Dandelion, has deep copper-coloured flowers, which are occasionally purplish, otherwise it closely resembles the preceding species.