XII. Gramineae. Grass Family

Herbs with culms closed at the nodes; leaves paralleled-veined, consisting of a sheath and a blade; flowers perfect, very small, arranged in spikelets; fruit a caryopsis with starchy endosperm and a small embryo at the base.

Subfamily Poacoideae

Tribe Agrostideae

I. Phleum. L.

1. P. alpinum. L. Alpine Timothy. II. Calamagrostis. Adans.

I. C. canadensis. (Michx.) Beauv. Blue-joint Grass.

Tribe Festuceae

III. Poa. L.

I. P. alpina. L. Alpine Spear Grass.

IV. Festuca. L.

I. F. ovina. L. Sheep's Fescue Grass. V. Bromus. L.

I. B. Richardsonii var. pallidus. (Hook.) Shear. Fringed Brome Grass.

Tribe Hordeae

VI. Hordeum. (Tourn.) L.

I. H. jubatum. L. Squirrel-tail Grass.

XIII. Cyperaceae. Sedge Family

Grass-like or rush-like herbs with fibrous roots, mostly solid culms and closed sheaths; flowers spiked in the axils of the imbricated bracts, destitute of any perianth; fruit an achene.

Tribe Scirpeae

I. Eriophorum. L.

1. E. callitrix. Cham. Hare's Tail.

2. E. angustifolium. Roth. Cotton Grass.

Tribe Cariceae

II. Kobresia. Willd.

1. K. bipartita. (All.) Britton. Arctic Kobresia. 2. K. Bellardi. (All.) C. Koch. Arctic Elyna. III. Carex. (Ruppius.) L.

1. C. festiva. Dewey Sill. Tussock Sedge.

2. C. pyrenaica. Wahl. Dwarf Sedge.

3. C. Mertensii. P. Bong. Merten's Sedge.

4. C. nigricans. C. A. Meyer. Black Sedge.

5. C. rupestris. All. Rock Sedge.