Herbs perennial or annual; leaves basal or alternate, simple, with stipules; flowers axillary, nodding, corolla irregular, one-spurred or gibbous of five petals imbricated in the bud; fruit a capsule, ovoid, seeds with a hard smooth coat.

I. Viola. (Tourn.) L.

1. V. canadensis. L. Canada Violet.

2. V. nephrophylla. Greene. Early Violet.

3. V. adunca. Smith. Dog Violet.

4. V. Selkirkii. Pursh. Selkirk's Violet.

5. V. palustris. L. Marsh Violet.

6. V. glabella. Nutt. Yellow Violet.

7. V. orbiculata. Geyer. Round-leaved Yellow Violet.

8. V. sempervirens. Greene. Trailing Yellow Violet.