Leaves: opposite, broadly oval, entire, softly pubescent. Flowers: solitary in the upper axils, and two or three in the terminal spike; corolla campanulate, five-lobed, bearded within; stamens and style included. Fruit: a white berry.

When in flower this low spreading shrub bears its small white or pinkish bells in tiny clusters at the ends of the numerous upright branches, and also singly in the upper axils of the leaves. When in fruit the pretty, white, waxen berries render the Symphoricarpus both conspicuous and attractive. These berries are oval in the early stages of development, when with their snowy weight they bend down the flexible branches, and become rounded at maturity. They contain two brown bony seeds, embedded in the granular cellular pulp. The dark green leaves are broadly oval in shape and have smooth margins.

The Snowberry is frequently cultivated in gardens as an ornamental shrub.