Stems: weak, ascending. Leaves: palmately divided, the segments many-cleft. Flowers: solitary; sepals five to six, white, with a greenish tinge outside; petals fifteen to twenty-five, bright yellow, minute, much shorter than the numerous stamens.

The White Globe Flower is one of the most conspicuous of all the early spring mountain plants that grow at very high altitudes. Close to the borders of alpine lakes and streams, and in marshy places where the snow has recently melted, beds of this beautiful large white flower may be found, its brilliant golden centre gleaming in the sunshine, and its rich, glossy foliage forming a superb setting for its perfect purity.

Do not confuse it with one of the Anemones. Note that its centre is far larger and more golden in hue; also that the foliage is coarser and thicker. There is a bushy circle of leaves set on the stalk about one inch below the blossom.

Plate XXII

White Globe Flower (Trollius laxus var. albiiiorus)

White Globe Flower (Trollius laxus var. albiiiorus)

The White Globe Flower is frequently found growing up through the snow.