Books published by A. O. Moore & Co. 11

Moore's Hand Books of Rural and Domestic Economy.

All Arranged And Adapted To The Use Of American Farmers

Pice 25 Cents Each.


Their Origin, Varieties and Management, with a view to Profit and Treatment under Disease; also, Plain Directions relative to the Most Approved Modes of Preserving their Flesh. By H. D. Richardson. With illustrations

The Hive And The Honey Bee,

With Plain Directions for Obtaining a Considerable Annual

Income from this branch of Rural Economy; also, an Account of the Diseases of Bees and their Remedies, and Remarks as to their Enemies, and the best mode of protecting the Hives from their attacks. By H. D. Richardson. With illustrations.

Domestic Fowls,

Their Natural History, Breeding, Rearing and General

Management. By H. D. Richardson. With illustrations.

The Horse,

Their Origin and Varieties; with Plain Directions as to the

Breeding, Rearing and General Management; with instructions as to the Treatment of Disease Handsomely illustrated. By H. D. Richardson.

The Rose,

The American Rose Culturist; being a Practical Treatise on the

Propagation, Cultivation and Management in all Seasons, etc.; with full directions for the treatment of the Dahlia.

The Pests Of The Farm,

With Instructions for their Extirpation; being a Manual of

Plain Directions for the Certain Destruction of every description of Vermin. With numerous illustrations on wood.

An Essay On Manures,

Submitted to the Trustees of the Massachusetts Society for

Promoting Agriculture, for their Premium. By Samuel H. Dana.

The American Bird Fancier,

Considered with Reference to the Breeding, Rearing, Feed-ing, Management and Peculiarities of Cage and House Birds. Illustrated with Engravings. By D. Jay Browne.

Chemistry Made Easy,

For the Use of Farmers. By J. Topham. ELEMENTS OF AGRICULTURE,

Translated from the French, and Adapted to the use of American


With Cuts, illustrating the Anatomy of the Foot, and containing valuable Hints on Shoeing and Stable Management, both in Health and Disease. By Wm. Miies.

The Skillful Housewife,

Or, Complete Guide to Domestic Cookery, Taste, Comfort and

Economy, embracing 659 Recipes pertaining to Household Duties, the Care of Health, Gardening, Birds, Education of Children, etc., etc. By Mrs. L. G. Abell.

The American Kitchen Gardener,

Containing Directions for the Cultivation of Vegetables and

Garden Fruits. By T. G. Fessenden.

12 Books published by A. O. Moore & Co.

Chinese Sugar Cane And Sugar-Making,

Its History, Culture and Adaptation to the Soil, Climate and Economy of the United States, with an Account of Various Processes of Manufacturing Sugar. Drawn from authentic sources by Charles F. Stansbury A. M., late Commissioner at the Exhibition of all Nations at London.

Peesoz' Culture Of The Vine,

A New Process for the Culture of the Vine, by Persoz, Pro-fessor of the Faculty of Sciences of Strasbourg; Directing Professor of the School of Pharmacy of the same city. Translated by J. 0'C. Barclay, Surgeon, U. S. N.

The Bee-Keeper's Chart,

Being a Brief, Practical Treatise on the Instinct, Habits and Management of the Honey Bee, in all its various branches, the result of many years' practical experience, whereby the author has been enabled to divest the subject 01 much that has been considered mysterious and difficult to overcome, and render it more sure, profitable and interesting to every one, than it has heretofore been. By E. W. Phelps.

Every Lady Her Own Gardener,

Addressed to the Industrious and Economical only; containing

Simple and Practical Directions for Cultivating i plants and Flowers; also, Hints for the Management of Flowers in Rooms, with Brief Botanical Descriptions of Plants and Flowers. The whole in Plain and simple language. By LOUISa Johnson.

The Cow; Dairy Husbandry And Cattle Breeding,

By ML M. Milburn, and Revised by 11. I). Richardson and Ambrose Stevens. With illustrations.

Wilson On The Culture Of Flax,

1ts Treatment, Agricultural and Technical; delivered before the New York State Agricultural Society, at the Annual Fair at Saratoga, in September last, by John WILSON, late President of the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester England.

Weeks On Bees; A Manual,

Or, an Easy Method of Managing Bees in the most profitable manner to their owner, with Infallible Rules to Prevent their Destruction by the Moth; with an Appendix by WOOSTER A. FLANDERS.

Reemelin's (Chas.) Vine Dressers' Manual,

Containing full Instructions as to Location and Soil; Preparation of Ground; Selection and Propagation of Vines; The Treatment of a Young Vine-yard; Trimming and Training the Vines; Manures and the Making of Wine. Every department illustrated.

Hyde's Chinese Sugar Cane,

Containing its History, Mode of Culture, Manufacture of the

Sugar, etc.; with Reports of its success in different parts of the United States.

Bement's (C. M.) Rabbit Fancier,

A Treatise on the Breeding, Bearing, Feeding, and General Management of Rabbits, with Remarks upon their Diseases and Remedies; to which are added Full Directions for the Construction of Hutches, Babbitries, etc., together with Recipes for cooking and dressing for the table.

Richardson On Dogs; Their Origin And Varieties,

Directions as to their General Management. With numerous Original Anecdotes; also, Complete Instructions as to Treatment under Disease. By H. D. RICHARDSON. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings. This is not only a cheap, but one of the best works ever published on the Dog.

Liebig's (Justus) Familiar Letters On Chemistry,

And its Relation to Commerce, Physiology, and Agriculture;

Edited by John GARDENER, M. D.

The Dog And Gun,

A Few Loose Chapters on Shooting, among which will be found some Anecdotes and Incidents; also, Instructions for Dog Breaking, and interesting letters from Sportsmen. By A Bad Shot.