Campanula speculum. - Venus' Looking-glass. - An annual border flower, of some beauty, very hardy; having it once in the ground, it will sow itself; the young plants may be taken up in the spring and planted where to remain, and should be set one foot from each other; or sow the seed very early in the spring. One foot high, very branching, producing a long succession of blue flowers, which close at the approach of rain, and at evening. Speculum, because the form of the corolla resembles a little round, elegant mirror (speculum); whence it is called Venus' Looking-glass.

Campanula Loreyi. - Lorey's Bell-flower. - A hardy annual, of easy culture, thriving in almost any kind of soil, sowing itself, so that an abundance of plants are found the following year. It is dwarfish in its habits, and highly ornamental. It has large expanded blossoms, of a deep blue or white, which continue to be produced in succession through the summe. and autumn months.