QUINBY'S MYSTERIES OF BEE-KEEPING EXPLAINED, - - 1 00 Being A Complete Analysis of the Whole Subject, Consisting of the Natural History of Bees : Directions - for obtaining the Greatest Amount of Pure

Surplus Honey with the least Possible expense; Remedies for Losses Given, and the nScience of Luck fully illustrated; the result of more than twenty years' experience in extensive Apiaries. By M.QUInRy.

Randall's (H. S ) Sheep Husbandry,...1 25

With an Account of the Different Breeds, and general directions in regard to Summer and Winter Management, Breet, Breeding and the Treatment of -. with Portraits and other engravings. By Henry S. Randall.

Reemelin's (Chas.) Vine Dresser's Manual, - - - 50

An Illustrated Treatise on Vineyards and "Wine-Making, containing full Instructions Location and Soil, Preparation of Ground, Selection and

Propagation of Vines, the Treatment of Young Vineyards, Trimming and Training the Vines, Manures and the Making of Wine.

Richardson On Hogs,.....25

Their Origin, Varieties and Management, with a View to Profit and Treatment under 1 also, plain Directions relative to the Most Approved

Modes of Preserving their FIesh. By H. D. RiCHardson, author of "The Hive and the Honey Bee," etc., etc. With illustration.-.

Richardson On The Hive And The Honey Bee, - - - 25

With Plain Directions fob Obtaining a Considerable Annual Income from this branch of Rural Economy an Account of the Diseases of Bees and their 1! and Remarks as to their Enemies the best mode of protecting the Hives from their attacks. By II. D, Richardson. With illustrations.

Richardson On Domestic Fowls,....25

Their Natural History. Breeding, Rearing, and General Management. By H. 1>. Richardson. With illustrations.

Richardson On The Horse,....25

Their Origin and Varieties; with Plain Directions as to the

Breeding, Rearing and General Management, with Instructions as to the Treatment of Disease. Handsomely illustrated. By II. D. RIchaRSON.

RICHARDSON ON THE PESTS OF THE FARM, - - - - 25 With Instructions for their Extirpation; being a Manual of

Plain Directions for tain Destruction of every description cf Vermin. With numerous illustrations on Wood.

RICHARDSON ON DOGS; THEIR ORIGIN AND VARIETIES, - 50 Directions as to their General Management. With numerous

Original Also, Complete Instructions as to Treatment Treatment under Disease. By H.

D. Richardson. Illustrated with numerous Wood This is not only a cheap, but one of the best works ever published on the Dog.

Schenck's Gardener's Text Book,...50

Containing Directions for the Formation and MANAGEMENT of the Kitchen Garden, the Culture and Use of Vegetables, Fruits and Medicinal Herbs.

Books published by A. O. MooRe & Co. 9

Shepherd's Own Book,.....2 00

With an Account of tHe Different Breeds, Diseases and Manand General Directions in regard to Summer and Winter Management,

Breeding and the Treatment of Diseases; with Illustrative engravings by YoUatt &

Randall; embracing Skinner's Notes on the Breed and Management of Sheep in the

United States, and on the Culture of Fine Wool.

Stewart's Stable Book,.....1 00

A Treatise on the Management of Horses, in Relation to stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering and Working, Construction of Stables, Ventilation, Appendages of Stables, Management of the Feet, and Of Diseased and Defective Horses. By John STEwaRt, veterinary Surgeon. With Notes and Additions, adapting it to American Food and Climate, By A.B. Allen, Editor of the American Agriculturist.

STRAY LEAVES FROM THE BOOK OF NATURE, - - - - 1 00 By M. Schele De Verb, of the University of Virginia.


II. Nature In Motion



V. YoUNGER YEARS of a Plant. VI. Later Years of a Plant. VII. Plant MUMMIES.


Stephens' (Henry; Book Of The Farm,...4 00

A Complete Guide to the Farmer, Steward, Plowman. Cattleman,Shepherd, Field Worker and Dairy Maid. By HENRY Stephens. With Four Hundred and Fifty illustrations; to which are aided Explanatory Notes, Remarks, fee., by J. S. SkInNer. Really one of the be 8 a farmer can possess.

Skillful Housewife,.....50

Or Complete Guide to Domestic Cookery, Taste Comfort, and Economy, embracing 659 Recipes pertaining to Household Duties, flue Care of Health, Gardening, Birds, Education of Children, etc., etc. By Mrs. L. G. Abell.

Skinner's Elements Of Agriculture,...25

Adapted to the Use of American Farmers. By F. G. Skinner.

Smlths C H. J.) Landscape Gardening, Parks And. Pleasure Grounds,....1 25

With Practical Notes oN Country Residences, Villas, Public

Parks and Gardens. By Charles H.J. Smith, Landscape Gardener and Garden Archi tect. With Notes and Additions by Lewis P. Allen, author of" Rural Architecture

Thaers (Albert D.) Agriculture,...2 00

The Principles of Agriculture, by Albert D. Thaer; Trans-lated by William Shaw and Cutbbsbt W. Johnson, Esq., F. R. s. With a Memoir of the Author. 1 vol. 8vo.

This work is regarded, by those who are competent to judge, as one of the most valuable works that has ever appeared on the subject of Agriculture. At the same tune that it is eminently practical, it is philosophical, and, even to the general reader martkably entertaining.

Thomas' (J. J.) Farm Implements,....1 00

And the Principles of their Construction and Use; an ele mentary and familiar Treatise on Mechanics and Natural Philosophy, as applied to the ordinary practices of Agriculture. With 200 illustrations.

Thompson R D.) On The Food Of Animals, - - - 75

Experimental Researches on the Pood of Animals and the

Fattening of Cattle; with Remarks on the Food of Man. Based upon Experiments undertaken by order of the British Government, by Robert Dundas Thompson. M. D., lecturer on Practical Chemistry, University or Glasgow.

10 Books published by A. O. Moore & Co.

The Rose Culturist,.....50

Being a Practical Treatise on the Propagation, Cultivation, and Management of the Rose in all seasons; with a List of Choice and Approved Varieties, adapted to the Climate of the United States; to which is added full directions for the Treatment of the Dahlia. Illustrated by engravings.

Topham's Chemistry Made Easy,....25

For the Use of Farmers. By J. Topham.

Turner's Cotton Planter's Manual,...100

Being a Compilation of Facts from the Best Authorities on the Culture of Cotton, its Natural History, Chemical Analysis, Trade and Consumption, and embracing a History of Cotton and the Cotton Gin. By J. A. Turner.

WARDER'S (J. A.) HEDGES AND EVERGREENS, - - - - 1 00 A Complete Manual for the Cultivation, Pruning and Management of all Plants suitable for American Hedging, especially the Maclura or Osage Orange. Fully illustrated with engraving of plants, implements and processes. To which is added a Treatise on Evergreens, their different Varieties, their propagation, transplanting and Culture in the United States

Waring's Elements Of Agriculture,...75

A Book for Young Farmers, with Questions for the use of


Weeks (John M.) On Bees-A Manual,...50

Or, an Easy Method of Managing Bees in the most profitable manner to their Owner; with Infallible Rules to Prevent their Destruction by the Moth. With an Appendix, by Wooster A. Flanders.

White's (W. N.) Gardening For The South, - - - - 1 25

Or, the Kitchen and Fruit Garden, with the Best Methods for their Cultivation; together with Hints upon Landscape and Flower Gardening; containing Modes of Culture and Descriptions of the Species and Varieties of the Culinary Vegetables, Fruit Trees and Fruits, and a Select List of Ornamental Trees and Plants, Adapted to the States of the Union South of Pennsylvania, with Gardening Calendars for the same. By Wm. N. White, of Athens, Georgia.

Youatt And Martin On Cattle,....1 25

Being a Treatise on their Breeds, Management, and Diseases, comprising a Full History of the Various Races; their Origin, Breeding and Merits; their capacity for Beef and Milk. By W. Youatt and W. C. L. Martin. The whole forming a Complete Guide for the Farmer, the Amateur and the Veterinary Surgeon, with 104 illustrations. Edited by AMBROSE Stevens.

Y0uatt On The Horse,.....1 25

YOUATT ON THE STRUCTURE AND DISEASES OF THE HORSE, with their Remedies; also, Practical Rules for Buyers, Breeders, Smiths, etc. Edited by W. C. Spooner, M.R.C.V.S. With an Account of the Breeds in the United States, by Henry S. Randall.

Youatt On Sheep,......75

Their Breed, Management and Diseases, with Illustrative Engravings; to which are added Remarks on the Breeds and Management of Sheep in the United States, and on the Culture of Fine Wool in Silesia. By Wm. Youatt.

Youatt And Martin On The Hog,....75

A Treatise on the Breeds, Management, and Medical Treatment of Swine, with Directions for Salting Pork and Curing Bacon and Hams. By Wm. Youatt, V. S.,and W. C. L. Martin. Edited by Ambrose Stevens. Illustrated with engravings drawn from life.