There are one or two kinds of Brevoortia.

A handsome plant, most extraordinary both in form and color. The stem is from one to three feet tall, with a few grasslike leaves, and bears a large cluster of six to thirteen flowers, one or two inches long, hanging on slender, reddish pedicels. They have bright-crimson tubes and apple-green lobes, sometimes turned back, showing the tips of the three pale-yellow anthers. There are also three stamens without anthers and broadened so that they look like three white or ye\-lowish petals. The buds are also crimson, tipped with green, and the whole color scheme is wonderfully brilliant and striking. This grows in mountain canyons and on wooded hillsides, blooming in late spring.

Muilla maritime. Fire Cracker Flower. Brevoortia IdaMaia

Muilla maritime. Fire-Cracker Flower. Brevoortia IdaMaia. LILY FAMILY. Liliaceae.