Rather pretty, with a woody trunk and hairy twigs, climbing over shrubs and trees, sometimes to a height of twenty feet. The leaves are pale on the under side, the upper ones usually united around the stem, and the flowers are about three-quarters of an inch long, with pink corollas and long stamens, and form long clusters, which are pretty but not effective, though the translucent, orange-red berries are handsome and conspicuous. This varies very much, especially in hairiness and color of the foliage, and is quite common in canyons and along streams in the Coast Ranges. The Yellow Honeysuckle, L. Califomica, is similar, but with smooth branches and leaves and pale yellow flowers; growing in Oregon and northern California. There are two kinds of Linnaea.

Twin flower Linnaea borealfs var.Ameriicana. Pink Honeysuckle Lonicera, hispidula

Twin-flower-Linnaea borealfs var.Ameriicana. Pink Honeysuckle-Lonicera, hispidula. HONEYSUCKLE FAMILY. Caprifoliaceae.