An attractive little plant, in the desert, with no stem, the flowers with long, slender calyx-tubes, resembling stems, springing from a clump of rather downy root-leaves. The buds are hairy and the flowers are about an inch across, light yellow, with pale yellow stamens and stigma. This plant varies a good deal in size, bearing one or several flowers, and the margins of the leaves almost toothless or irregularly slashed. It superficially resembles Tardxia ovdta, the Sun-cups so common on the southwestern coast, for the flowers have the same little fresh, sunny faces, but the latter has a round-topped stigma.

Evening Primrose Onagra Hookeri. Sun cups Lavauxia. primiveris

Evening Primrose-Onagra Hookeri. Sun-cups-Lavauxia. primiveris. PARSLEY FAMILY. Umbelliferae.