There are many kinds of Baeria, not easily distinguished. This is a dear little plant, often covering the fields with a carpet of gold. The slender stems are about six inches tall, with soft, downy, light green leaves, usually opposite, and pretty fragrant flowers, about three-quarters of an inch across, with bright yellow rays and darker yellow centers. This is sometimes called Fly Flower, because in some places it is frequented by a small fly, which is annoying to horses. B. macrdntha is a much larger plant, a biennial, with a tuberous root, from seven inches to a foot and a half tall, with long, narrow, toothless leaves, with hairy margins, and flower-heads from an inch to an inch and a half across, with yellow rays and hairy involucres, This grows along the coast in California, blooming in May and June.

Venegasia. V. carpesioides. Sunshine  Baeria gracilis

Venegasia.-V. carpesioides. Sunshine- Baeria gracilis. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.

There are several kinds of Bahia, natives of western North America, Mexico, and Chile, herbs or shrubs, more or less woolly.