A beautiful kind, eight or nine inches tall, with pale green, hairy leaves, the lower ones toothed, and a slender stem, bearing a charming flower, nearly an inch and a half across, with neat pure white rays and a bright yellow center. This grows in mountain canyons and is widely distributed as far north as British Columbia.

There are several kinds of Gaillardia, all American. They are much cultivated in gardens, were named in honor of Gaillard de Merentonneau, a French botanist.

White Tidy tips  B.glandulosus. Yellow Tidy tips Blepharipappus elegang. Pentachaeta aurea

White Tidy-tips -B.glandulosus. Yellow Tidy-tips-Blepharipappus elegang. Pentachaeta aurea. SUNFLOWER FAMILY. Compositae.